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Moving in at the start of term? LOOK IN HERE FOR INFO.

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    Hey guys,
    I will start by saying congrats to all you who made your offers . Hope you have a great time at uni and make the most of it, because it only comes once (most of it in the 1st year actually).
    Anyway, I decided to make a thread aimed at helping you guys with the first weekend .i.e. moving in and knowing where to go in the first few hours, because it’s the time when most people get confused and lost. Hopefully, it will calm your nerves too since you would already have a bit of a clue as regards to what to do. I apologise if I also mention anything you already know or things that have been covered by your handbook :p:.

    1) How do I get there?: - I bet you guys already know how to get to herts; for those of you who don’t know, It is on junction 3 of the A1(M). There are 100s of other ways you can get there but that is the most direct route. You can get the A1(M) all the way from london via Holloway road and archway or you can also get it via Junction 23 of the M25. For you guys coming from the north on the M1, you will have to leave the M1 at junction 7 (I think) follow the signs leading off onto the M10 and hatfield is signposted ALL the way from the end of the M10. Those are all the major routes into hatfield.
    Note: No matter how early you come, there is going to be a queue backing up onto the motorway from the university, mainly because everyone has the same idea of coming in early. The earlier you come though, the faster you get to the front of that queue. No matter what you do, try not to leave it too late because MY!! Those queues get really bad.

    2) What do I do when I get there? : - Once you get into hatfield, you will notice the yellow signs (courtesy of the AA) directing you to various locations in hatfield, mainly to the university or the sports village et al. For you guys moving into college lane, follow the signs to butler hall on the main campus. For you guys moving to de havilland, follow the signs to the de Havilland campus which should be quite easy to locate. Expect huge queues in the car parks (I know for certain that the queues on de Havilland are usually massive!). Once you get to the campus, don’t be scared to ask either the student ambassadors of the SU refreshers for directions, they are there to help.
    Due to the huge queues in the car park, I would advice you to leave your parents in the car and let them wait in the queue while you go and sort out your key/keycard with the accommodations office. The accommodations office for College lane guys is butler hall and the on for de hav guys is the office next to the sports village (it is simply called the accommodations help desk). If you have already received a letter with a green sticker, then all you have to do is collect your keys from the help desk (or wherever people are getting their keys from); however, if you have a red sticker, you will need to sort out payments in lieu or any other information with your respective campus’ help desks.
    After you get your keys, rejoin your family in the car park queue (if they haven’t been permitted in already) and tell them where you will need to go to offload your things.
    I know on de hav, cars are permitted into the halls areas for a 20 – 30 min period to offload luggage and return to the car park, so make sure you do things swiftly and get available people to help if need be.
    3) What do I do next?: - Well, MOVE IN , lol. Make sure you claim the best kitchen cupboard space and the best fridge/freezer space because it is usually done on a first come first serve basis. Say hello to your new flat mates (if there are any around), and sort out the would be mess in your room. IF you have forgotten anything, there is an ASDA in the town centre where you can drag your parents to, to get last minute chocolates or kitchen utensils. The university provides budget beddings .i.e. a cheap duvet, duvet cover, bed sheets and pillows + cases I think. Feel free to bring your own to match the colour of your pyjamas (I bet that will be the highlight of Dokta’s day :p: ).
    At some point, you will have to say goodbye to your parents and shed a tear or two (I didn’t, so don’t even go there :p: ) and let them leave you to your unpacking

    4) What happens for the rest of the day?: - Well, you make friends and unpack your things, + marvel at the gadgets in your room and your kitchen. De- hav guys will have the most fun doing that ‘cos I think they get 3 microwaves, 2 toasters, 2 freezers and all what not..
    Make sure you get your tickets for the night (or a fresher’s pass if you want to go out all week, + it saves you all the queuing) and the refreshers will come round at about 8pm to help you get out of your flats and down to the font.
    There will be the shuttle bus from de hav to college lane and the guys on college lane can walk there :p:. There are events for a forthnight and you can pick and choose which ones you decide to go to.. Note, if you don’t buy a fresher’s pass, make sure you get your tickets on time, ‘cos they sell out quite quickly.

    5) What happens on Monday and where do I go? : - You should have got a letter in the post telling you where to go and what to do on the Monday. If you haven’t, no fear!! This is usually the case for the students studying business or economics on de hav, just find other people on your course, proceed to your faculty on Monday and go with the flow.. Just make sure you get to your faculty early to avoid the rush .

    6) When do I receive my Loan?: - you should receive it on the 25th if you applied on time, if you didn’t, don’t worry, it will come through soon enough as far as you have got your acknowledgment letter. Just make sure you let the accommodations office know, if you can’t afford to pay the rent during the start weekend. For your tuition fees, all you need to do is show your loan approval letter.

    7) When do I get my ID + register: - Once again, you will receive info about this during the induction week, they usually have a timetabled session for each faculty. You should have got your ID and be registered by the end of the week! Don’t forget to register for your NUS cards .

    8) INTERNET ON DE HAV HALLS: - You need to register for this before you can access the net. Get a form the LRC (library), and fill it in. You need an email account from the uni before you actually sort it out. So that might be a problem.. Basically, be prepared to have no net access for at least a week.

    When you finally get you uni email account sorted, just fill it into the form and also provide them with you mac address and all that

    I will edit this with updates if I remember anything.. Feel free to PM me with questions
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    Oh the typo's in there :rofl:
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    Aww Thank U! :-)
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    That's absolutely awesome mate, nice one!

    One more question - I noticed there is an entrence to the hallsy bit of College Lane on Bishops Rise - to save lugging all your gear across the entire campus, is it possible to get dropped off round the front, go grab your key etc while your parents sneaky round the back and start unpacking? That'd be a lot easier, physically? Or is this gate closed/whatever during this weekend?
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    (Original post by Dokta)
    Oh the typo's in there :rofl:
    Thanks for your contribution :rolleyes:.. Typos are a human error, talk if you are perfect.. I thought not.. The thread should be closed soon anyway to stop spam..
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    (Original post by DanGrover)
    That's absolutely awesome mate, nice one!

    One more question - I noticed there is an entrence to the hallsy bit of College Lane on Bishops Rise - to save lugging all your gear across the entire campus, is it possible to get dropped off round the front, go grab your key etc while your parents sneaky round the back and start unpacking? That'd be a lot easier, physically? Or is this gate closed/whatever during this weekend?
    Yeah, that should be possible, depending on the restrictions they impose that day.. 'cos it gets quite packed along that road..People moving in might go back that way too actually
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    YEAH DOKTA... appreciate!
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    Is it possible to drive from one entrence to the other? When I was there I didnt really venture across all that much.
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    Quit spamming, and i repped so shush
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    Excellent!!! Cheers, just what we needed!!
    You really are a vault of knowledge!!
    Thanks again!
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    Thanks Dimexi, this really clears things up!
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    This actually applied to moving in ANY YEAR!! lol

    The only changed point is that internet access on de hav is available as soon as you get your uni email account! Plug in and just sign on using your email account details


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