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    i have been alocated a single standard room at moberly for this year and to be honest i cant seem to find out much about it, i know its one of old halls from Duryard and thats it!

    Does anyone know what its like? did anyone live there when it was still part of Duryard? has it been changed at all, ie refurbished or anything like that since it has become part of Birks??

    Any help would be appreciated, ive searched this forum for ages and i cant find much about it!!
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    hey, am in moberley as well
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    (Original post by stu_uk_aussie)
    hey, am in moberley as well

    nobody cares where you are scoutboy :p:

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    I'm living in Moberly as well at the start of the year, again haven't read anything about it so any info will be appreciated.
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    It used to be part of Duryard when I was a first-year. (I stayed in duryard mews) - It's located across the street from the Esso garage on Cowley Bridge Road. It's set amongst lots of tall trees, although I can't say what the room's are like inside. If memory serves, it was all non-smoking, which in my view should be extended all across campus. Anyhow, the room that I had was quite big compared to others - it had plenty of space and two large windows. The walk from duryard to the main campus takes about 15 mins, and it's rather nice - it's well away from the main road, it goes through a quiet residential area and then along past the postgraduate accommodation. When I first saw my room in Duryard I thought it didn't look very pleasant, but it turned out to be the ideal room - much better than my 2nd and 3rd year room. You'll find it's very handy come polling day, too.
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    Yes the old Duryard halls weren't the best looking things in the world, but you'll find at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what quality the shelf fittings are... its all about the people you will be living with!
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    Hey fellow Moberlians... was down in Exeter last week, so thought id just take te walk up to the campus just to have a look at Moberley... it looked pretty much alright... sure its a typical 60s building and with everything empty looked a little spooky and stuff lol.... but hey im looking forwrad to getting their and meting everyone... and everyone has great things to say about mobrly when it was part of duryard so hopefully itll stay great when part of birks... also did the walk up to the main campus..... it was hilly but to be honest it wern't to bad... so all is great!!!
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    Just registered and got my room B313 anybody else got theirs?
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    Yeh i registered online yesterday but i cant find where it says the address!!! How did you find out yours??
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    ignore that.. found it now!!!

    i'm in B109!
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    I'm in A106


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