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How to create passport sized photos using Windows Picture Manager or GIMP?

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    As above! Rep for he or she who provides me with the answer!
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    Right click image, go to print, Click Next 3 times, select Contact Sheet Prints, Click Next.
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    Che!, this shouldn't be in the Operating Systems subforum.

    Anyhows, I'll ask a Mod to move it for you into the main section of Tech.
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    You don't even need to use Picture Manager. In Windows Explorer locate the file, right click and click print. The photo printing wizard opens - then follow lionelmtb's instructions (Contact Sheets print)
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    Would the contact sheet one print it out exactly the right size?
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    (Original post by Che!)
    Would the contact sheet one print it out exactly the right size?
    Not sure whether it'll print exactly passport size, but I think that size should do.

    Also the file name is printed under each picture, so you'll have to cut it out carefully
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    Actually Che, have a look at this: http://www.onthegosoft.com/passport_photo.htm

    You can download a free trial, and that might make it easier to create these (and the right size too!)
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    Thanks for the help - the best is from ArVi - rep for you!
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    (Original post by Che!)
    Thanks for the help - the best is from ArVi - rep for you!
    No problem

    Thanks for the rep btw


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