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Snapped hair

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    I went to the hairdressers today, and due to straightening, she said I had an uneven 'step' at the back of my hair where some of my hair has snapped. She was dying to cut my hair all the same length as the step to even eveyrhting out, but that involved cutting 2 inches off.. which was a nono seeing as my hair is only mediumish length anyway!
    She said fine, but she will have to do it eventually. Is this true? It really isn't noticeable, as my friends have said... I really don't want my hair cut as much as she needs to cut off Will the snapped hair grow if I don't straighten over it? Or, could I grow my hair long and get a layer put in where the snapped hair lies? Thanks!
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    Won't the snapped hair grow out eventually? Surely it's only the end damaged not the root- I'd just wait until it grew the length you want your hair- it can't be very noticable if you'd never seen it.
    Maybe invest in better conditioner and heat protection though I guess
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    thats what i thought, but she made it sound as if it was never going to grow and snap forever more. But I have a lot more little snaps everywhere.. most people do, but she isn't exactly going to shave all my hair off for that reason :rolleyes: Maybe the snaps she talked about were particularly bad.. thanks anyway
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    I have a lot of snapped hair- my hair is quite long and my hairdresser said she might have to take a few inches off it which I didn't want to do. I'd rather have the snapped bits than have it cut off! Everytime I go now she cuts a little bit more off & it's nearly grown out now. Unless you don't mind having it that length, I wouldn't bother. You might regret it. If none of your friends can see it then I wouldn't worry.
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    Sorry I took ages to reply, thanks!
    My friend today said that it will keep snapping until it's ridiculously short. It's also a very wide strip of hair *sigh*
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    I don't understand why you can't just get layers put in; surely then the different lengths of hair wouldn't make any difference? If you want to disguise it better, try having your hair curly; the texture should cover up what you're worried about. I bet no-one except a hairdresser would notice it anyway. Maybe she was just after the 'kick' that hairdressers get after cutting long hair...

    I do think that straightening is in general a terrible thing to do to your hair, though I acknowledge its addictiveness. What would be best would be if you could phase out the straightening and try something a bit more natural; just see what your hair looks like left to dry on its own and take it from there. Ideally, you should get a cut that involves mininum styling & damage and works more with the natural shape of your hair...if you insist on straigtening your hair, invest in some good heat protection products and use them every time without fail.

    I'd think it'll grow out eventually, though the 2 inches off might be a nice change...it might be nice to have a fresh cut and a fresh start with it.
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    Talk to your hairdresser (or another hairdresser) about a re-style to work round this snap
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    I don't think your hairdresser meant it wouldn't grow anymore-but it won't reapair-she wanted to cut it off cause the snapped hair doesn't look as nice as the rest of your hair it's generally a bit fuzzy and matte and it's weaker.


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