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Sticky substance in mouth?

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    Everytime when I go for a swim, after some time, some sticky white gluey "thingy" will start to form in the inside of my lips. Can anyone tell me what is that, and is it normal?

    Also, I find that swimming makes my teeth sensitive and my teeth will feel "funny" whenever I brush and sometimes, even eating? How come?

    Chlorine, I'd imagine.

    You see that pool attendant? You see he's got his right hand in his pocket? That's not the safety whistle he's touching.
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    Anonymous, what do you mean? And to mipmapped, the pool I go to isn't really chlorinated. According to my mom, it was salinised?(mixed with salt instead of chlorine).

    Guys, I have a bigger problem now. My incisors (at the top jaw) is so sensitive that I can't even enjoy my dinner just now!:mad: Everytime I bite my food, I'll cringe! It's so annoying! And the worst thing is, it will lasts for a few days.

    Great, I can't really brush and eat properly!

    (Original post by carefree_sloth)
    Anonymous, what do you mean?
    You're 15? Hmmm.

    If there is no chlorine then thats algea my friend :eek:

    Its true we all drink algea which forms in our water pipes but it accumulates in swiming pools and there is no cholrine it multiplies and forms threads

    Anon 1, your sick man. If its salinated then its probably just the salts they use. Try a chlorinated pool.
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    (Original post by omaremad)
    If there is no chlorine then thats algea my friend
    Algae? The pool is clean and yea, I don't remember seeing algae stuck on the floor of the pool or floating about lol! Besides, a lot of people use that pool.

    (Original post by JayB124)
    If its salinated then its probably just the salts they use. Try a chlorinated pool.
    I don't think I can, because that pool is where I have my weekly swimming classes. Sigh~ What kind of salt can make my teeth so sensitive? And is there a way to eradicate the sensitivity? Or there's something wrong with my incisors? :eek:

    Sounds as if you may have tooth erosion perhaps associated with the use of acidic sports drinks and or chlorinated water in swimming pools

    see your dentist for help with this


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Updated: August 27, 2006
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