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Reading list for primary teaching!!

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    Hi i was just wondering if anyone could recommend a good reading list for primary teaching or if you could recommend any specific books that you have found really helpful??
    I'm hoping to start primary teaching in 2007 (i want to go to MMU) and i just wanted to be prepared.

    I have read a few books on teaching the primary curriculum but i was wondering if anyone who is maybe on the course at university could let me know of any specific books that your lecturers have reccomeneded or any that will be useful throughout the course, (in general for primary teaching).

    Thank You.

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    I would recommend reading the actual National Curriculum, you can get a free copy. I'll need to find you the website though. Also the National Literacy and Numeracy strategy. You can also get a free copy of those. I'll come back on with the link.
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    The books I found helpful throughout my PGCE were the books in the Achieving QTS range - which can be found on Amazon - they are really easy to read.

    Other than that I haven't came across any books which were helpful to me at all.

    Definitely get the copies of the Curriculum and Literacy/Numeracy strategies - although I wouldn't read them in any great detail (unless you are really bored) as you can just flick through them as needed when planning.

    I emailed the DFES for my copies - E-mail: [email protected] or you can phone 0870 000 2288 and just state that you are a student teacher and you will get them for free. A lot of people don't realise this and many people on my course ended up paying £25 for their NC handbook!! So it's definitely worth emailing them and getting the free copy.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you :hugs: I think i will have a look over the Curriculum and Literacy/Numeracy strategies .
    I'm sure the university i get into will probably send me a reading list but i just wanted to preapre myself for the course this year before i start.

    I have read a good book called teaching the primary cirriculum and it covers everything from the change in the cirriculum to the individual subjects you teach and the skills and qualities needed, Its an open univerity book, if anyone wants any info on it, you can pm me if you want to.

    I know there is so much information on the internet but i prefer to read through books and makes notes and things.

    I think teachers tv is great too and would recommend that to everyone.

    Thanx again, and good luck on your course

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    A Useful One: Cowley, Sue - Getting the Buggers to Behave

    A Highbrow One: Friere, Paulo - Pedagogy of Freedom
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    (Original post by Peacey)
    A Useful One: Cowley, Sue - Getting the Buggers to Behave

    A Highbrow One: Friere, Paulo - Pedagogy of Freedom
    Thank you. I think i saw the first one in my local library, i think i'l have a read through it when i next go.

    Thanx again :hugs: xx
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    I finally got my reading list through for the first year studying Education, and the only book that is compulsary for students to buy is one called "A Century of Education" by Aldrich, Richard. Published by Routledge/Falmer.
    I think that it covers pretty much everything that you will need to know in the first year...

    Introduction 1. Primary Education 2. Secondary Education 3. Further Education 4. Higher Education 5. Central and Local Government 6. Teachers 7. Pupils and Students 8. Special Educational Needs 9. Curriculum 10. Qualifications and Assessment
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    hi, can i ask if you are studying education or primary education?? I was just curious because you mentoned a few chapters on secondary education, F.E and Higher education. I thnk i would find the other chapters useful so i'll see if they have it in at my library.

    I really want to read a few more books on primary education before i apply for the course and i cant afford to waste my money on books that won't be really useful for me and are full of padding that i cant comprehend. I'm kinda skint these days, lol.

    Anyway, thank you for all the replys, i have found them useful and will see if i can find the books and have a look at the NC and NLS and NNS.

    :hugs: thank you xx
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    One of the best authors of books for teachers in my opinion is Sue Cowley, who writes books such as "Getting the Buggers to Behave" and "How to Survive your First Year in Teaching" as well as many others. She writes in a really accessible and light-hearted way, and the books are full of great teaching tips! Although these are not specific primary teaching books, they are worth a look at!
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    (Original post by Laaibah)
    hi, can i ask if you are studying education or primary education?? I was just curious because you mentoned a few chapters on secondary education, F.E and Higher education.
    My course is focussed around others in education and so I guess that covers pretty much all the age groups :p: Don't know if that's any help, but the book seems to cover a broad range of issues relating to education both at Primary level and higher


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