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how many calories in a burger?

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    i need to lose weight but i really love junk food, like burgers, chips, fish, etc.

    how much calorie, roughly, in a standard chicken/cheese burger?
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    What? Well do you mean a chicken AND cheese burger or a chicken burger and a great big beefy cheese burger seperately?

    Also, it is going to depend entirely on where you purchase the burger, how the chicken is cooked etc so your question is a bit fruitless. Although we can probably give you rough estimates that aren't really going to help in a calorie-controlled diet.
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    I'd say the bun would be 250 kcals, the burger itself could be anything from 150-200 kcals so that makes about 450 kcals I'd say, but again that depends really.
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    The other thing to consider is the fat content-I've found that you can eat fruit and veg with the same no of calories as a packet of crisps but the crisps contain lots of saturated fat thus making fruit more suitable for weight loss.
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    Does it even matter really? Eat and be merry.
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    A big mac meal from Macdonald's can be from around 1000-1500 calories depending on the size of the fries and drink you get.

    There is of course a difference between a home made burger that you can control the nutritional content of, and a fast food one. Fast food basically has no nutritional value, and you should really try to cut it out of your diet.
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    i need to lose weight but i really love junk food
    max. once a week or forget it. (in case you are really overweight).


    It's not only the calories which suck it's also the nutritional value which sucks.
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    If you go to www.mcdonalds.co.uk they have a nutrition counter that you can enter your usual meal into and it calculates how much of your GDA it is.

    E.g my usual meal (I say usual, i don't go often) is a McChicken sandwich meal with a sprite which works out at 730Kcals
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    Oh my God, have you seen the number of calories in the biggest (32 fl oz) chocolate milkshake?! 1160 calories- that's nearly my entire daily calorie requirement! :eek:
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    McDonalds have a nutritional breakdown of every product on the back of the trayliners. There is also a new nutrition leaflet which should be available in all stores and all burger clams (boxes) have the nutritional info on the bottom now.

    It's not healthy. Some people east it loads and stay relatively thin. The products contain additives that move the food through your system faster and can cause illness/withdrawal symptoms if you eat it a lot then sudeenly stop. It will wreck your body.

    I have worked for McD's for 4 years now. After 4 months of non-stop eating it once a day because it was free I quit because i was nearly physically sick. I now can't eat junk food without being sick/feeling sick. Junk food has no nutritional value. The only things that they sell that do are the mineral water, OJ, fruit bag, milk and carrot sticks.

    The deli sandwiches may sound appealing as a healthy option but i still think they look pretty rough!
    Jsust remember, calories and saturated fats and you will get fat! Treat fast food as a treat not a meal.
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    (Original post by *Joanna*)
    Oh my God, have you seen the number of calories in the biggest (32 fl oz) chocolate milkshake?! 1160 calories- that's nearly my entire daily calorie requirement! :eek:
    Someone's just realised why I don't eat at McDonald's. :tsr2:
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    It's rough i tell you
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    why dont you make home made burgers i'm sure they would have less fat in them and they are very yummy!!
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    (Original post by generalebriety)
    Someone's just realised why I don't eat at McDonald's. :tsr2:
    Me niether, it's pretty gross. I just didn't realise a milkshake could contain quite that many calories, though thinking about it I don't know why I didn't!
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    URGH in one milkshake!? That's disgusting.
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    (Original post by Triplet1)
    why dont you make home made burgers i'm sure they would have less fat in them and they are very yummy!!
    Or buy quorn burgers- low in fat but sooo yummy!
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    From a book I have that was printed about 2 decades ago:-

    Burger King Whopper: 631cal
    McDonald's Big Mac: 541cal
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    300 calories in a standard McDonalds cheeseburger.
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    One thing that might hlep you loose weight and still eat foods you enjoy, is finding replacements for your favorite meals... like swap fish and chips from the chippy for seabass and boiled potatos... you get the drift.

    You love junk food because you love the sugar boost it gives you... once you are out of the habbit of eating it (couple weeks) you'll find you don't want it anymore...!

    Junk food is not a viable option to incorporate into any healthy eating plan except very occaionally as a one off... full of grease, fat and sugar with v low nutritional value.

    i have heard people try an justify it as OK because you have salad, meat, bread and dairy... kidding themselves WELL AND TRULY!!!
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    Remember that the biggest calorie hit from fast food places like macdonalds can sometimes come from the fries and the drink. The burger alone is just one aspect of the entire meal.


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