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Why did you choose your course

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    Is it because you find that particular subject interesting, or have you chosen your subject because it has more chances of employability?

    What would you rather do:

    A subject which interests you but which there is a very slim chance of actually working in that field?


    A subject which is "ok" but has better chances of employability?

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    I chose my course for a couple of reasons:

    1. it was a subject i did at a level, the only subject i have found to completely and utterly grab my attention and interest me fully

    2. studying it will give me a number of transferable skills

    I never thought of employability to be honest, i've never been worried that i wouldn't find a job in the future...maybe a little naive, but i'd prefer to do something i enjoy for three years when the fees alone are costing £9000
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    I would much rather study a subject that actually interest's me...

    Will soon start English and Creative Writing at Royal Holloway...but already am thinking of changing to Philosophy. I've read all the books on our reading list and, though, I find it interesting don't think I will be that challenged and am deathly afraid that the subject just won't hold my interest for very long. If I'm not multi-tasking/taking charge/or allowed to intellectually expand I get annoyed, lazy, and just plain unhappy.
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    to be honest, I didnt even apply to uni and went through clearing as I realised that I wantd to go uni this year. As a result my choice of what to study was a bit more limited but I think it all worked out for the best. i'm now off to do english the one subject I not only actually enjoyed out of my A levels but was extremely good at. I am a bit worried about employability but figure I'll worry about in three years time as who even knows what the future holds?
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    I chose my course for two reason:

    1. It was my strongest subject

    2. The course included a year in an Australian/New zealand University

    Of course, it was always the first one that was the drawing factor! not
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    Because I LOVE it, and if it all goes wrong and I end up a bitter wreck I can always teach.
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    I chose my course because I absolutely love studying it and I consider it my best subject, despite a few exam grades saying otherwise. Employability wasn't really a factor, I want to spend the next 3/4 years of my life doing something I really enjoy, not something I am going to hate just to get a good job.
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    I chose my course because it seems interesting, and I want to work with animals, but mostly because the uni gave me a double offer so if I didn't get the grades for this one I could do zoology instead without having to go to my insurance. Having said that I've got no idea what sort of job I'm going to get out of it.
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    I chose my subject (nursing) because i know it'll lead to a career. It is a very mentally, emotionally and pyhsically challenging course, and i feel it will help me with my practical and social skills.
    Also it gives me the opportunity for travel, is very flexible in what i do (i.e different wards and placement areas).
    The starting slary for a nurse in london is not too bad either (around 22 k). And i am interested in care work and biology.
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    I choose my course because the astrology section in the newspaper told me to.
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    I choses my course coz it's brilliant, and it means i can pretty much go into any carrer in theatre i choose to. Also it's the only one of it's kind in the UK so that was a major factor in choosing it!
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    i chose my course because i wanted to do video production but realised im useless at it and have been told not to do media studies so im going to be doing PR cus its sort of fits in the middle lol
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    I chose my choice because I really enjoy the subjects I chose. Psychology is very competitive so getting employed in that field is very hard, but I'm going to try
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    I'm doing my course because I want to go on to teaching media once I graduate. Plus there are so many aspects to the course, politics, history, cultural studies etc. So I get a wide base of learning.
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    Dont a considerable number of graduates go and work in an area unrelated to their degree? So surely doing a degree you enjoy for 3/4 years is the best way forward, as there is always 'unrelated jobs'?
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    I have always been interested in Law and it has good career prospects.
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    No ones mentioned money yet. Or fame. Power.
    Self gratification. Pleasing others to please yourself, it's difficult to draw the line. Don't even know if there is a line.
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    I chose mine because I absolutely love the subject. I'm just lucky that there's a big demand for computer geeks
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    (Original post by loopymeg)
    I chose mine because I absolutely love the subject. I'm just lucky that there's a big demand for computer geeks
    There are? I remember the industry being quite saturated when I was working as an IT engineer.
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    (Original post by nikk)
    There are? I remember the industry being quite saturated when I was working as an IT engineer.
    Oh yeah, the industry keeps expanding because everything relies upon technology now.
    However, how much demand would depend on which parts of the field you specialise in, and whether you're more IT-based, or whether you're in the science side of it.


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