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Funniest Thing You've Been Told Off For

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    Van Helsing ticked me off for sucking the blood out of his friend's fiancee. I didn't care, it's what I do.
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    wasnt me but this is what some kid at my school did...

    well... he was feeling pissed off I guess... so he set himself on fire, and tried to make a bomb in the school... all had to be evacuated and bomb squad came and everything ... not actually joking, google it, Burnside school.
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    got told off for walking home from school!!! even though i was 15!!
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    In maths lessons, we got exercise books with square-lined paper. They didn't come with margins, so the teacher made us draw them in pencil. I didn't do it (oooh, watch out, we have a badass here!) and got put into after-school detention.
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    smiling in a photograph at work, apparently because i was smiling i was "clearly not working hard enough"

    oh well
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    This didn't happen to me, but I found it ****ing hilarious anyway:

    In Biology last year we were just taking notes and the like, when suddenly all the lights started flickering. Everyone looked up, shrugged at one another and thought nothing of it. Anyway, about a moment later the teacher from the class adjoining ours burst in through the door, one of his students being literally dragged by the scruff of his collar. The teacher asked our teacher if the student with him could be left with us for the remainder of the lesson, as he was disrupting his class. Our teacher agreed, and the lesson continued as normal. I wondered what the boy had done, as he looked rather shell-shocked, but wasn't particuarly curious; after all, the boy was notorious for messing about. I returned to work as normal.

    It wasn't until breaktime that I found out what had happened. I was telling my friend, who was in the boy's class, about the lights flickering during Science, and she gave me a strange look and then told me what had happened. Apparently, the boy had thought it funny to stick a pair of scissors in the plug socket, ending up about halfway across the classroom when he turned on the power. He received about a week's worth of detentions for that, and never went near the sockets again.

    I think there's a moral there, though I don't think the boy learnt too much from his actions. He's still a little ****
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    I was watching porn in IT (year 9) and got a letter sent home to my parents
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    Once, a long time ago, I think I was in year eight (I'm now in year thirteen xD), me and a friend were on a staircase at school and she mentioned like, some stupid in-joke we had together, and we both burst out laughing. It was outside our maths classroom and our maths teacher was just arriving. She looked at us laugh, and went into the classroom, so me and my friend and the rest of the class followed. She then took me and my friend out one by one to tell us that "teachers have feelings too" and that it was "hurtful" for us to laugh at her! WTF?!

    Needless to say, it was extremely difficult to keep a straight face whilst she was saying all that to me! :')
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    (Original post by ad99797)
    I was watching porn in IT (year 9) and got a letter sent home to my parents
    How did your parents react? :ahee:
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    Rubber to the face of my science teacher! topped off by the fact it had bounced off two of my friends heads before hand, that was in year 7!

    Another time my teacher had left his apple on his desk and while he wasn't looking me and a friend made a hole and left a hilarious note for him to find from the supposedly wormy culprit.

    Swearing at a teacher when he ctrl+w ed my screen because I thought he was a student.

    One time I was messing around and my teacher blamed my friend and took his planner to the front, I felt bad so commando rolled under a table and jumped another one and expertly got it back. Pity he caught the return roll.

    In my youth I hated maths and during one test drew a huge picture of a pig and put the name of my best mate at the top (he was a fat bastard). Anyway that was all fine but I decided to smile patronisingly at the teacher! After about 5 mins she went nuts and sent me out, also checking out my paper! Then she went double nuts! I got 0% in that. The funniest thing was when she whipped it out at parents evening! I try to stop sniggering and my mum went dad on the other hand was sniggering just as much!
    I still joke with that teacher sometimes She sees the funny side now though!

    and the best one!

    I actually cannot remember I had it a second ago damn! will update if I recall...
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    I get told off for laughing too much in maths... at parents evening my teacher told my parents that I laugh too much, and that just made me laugh even more...
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    i got told off despite not being in the room.
    that teacher was a bit strange i say.
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    In year 10 I had most of the teachers randomly chasing me and accidentally managed to break two walls and then I got permanently excluded for telling the head teacher she was a fat lesbian. I miss school :/
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    Me and my mate were doing an experiment in Chemistry one lesson. Our School had split lunch hour, so the lower years would go for lunch first and the upper years would go after. Anyhow it was all a bit boring so me and my friend decided to squirt purified water out of the window on to some kids walking past. We didn't think anything of it and went to lunch. Once we got back our teacher tells us that a little girl got squirted with water and ran to the science technicians crying thinking it was acid. Our teacher was laughing too much to tell us off really, and despite feeling a little bad I still look back to it and chuckle.
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    I hid under the desk during a French lesson. The teacher's desk. She sat down a few times as well! The whole lesson I was under there! Next day I got detention because somebody snitched

    I've also played football during German.
    Thrown beanbags in every lesson, but mostly German
    We was BAD before secondary school!

    Another highlight, during the last week (because we spent the whole time in one room) my desk mate and I both managed to colour an England flag on our desk, a very big double desk. Hilarious once it was revealed and we went home, knowing we couldn't be told off! So I guess that doesn't count...
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    (Original post by Leahcar)
    A guy in my class got a Friday Detention foe putting a fluffy pen behind his ear! The teacher was in a really bad mood that day...
    On a seperate occasion with a different teacher, another guy was told off in Home Economics for making supernoodles as part of a practical xD Now that was hilarious!!

    I don't have very many funny stories though, I was told off for normal things. I will contribute this though;
    My GCSE Spanish teacher hated me with a vengeance, I never did any work for her at all and in every class test I did really badly because I just didn't want to work for her. At some point during the day she would tell me what a horrible student I was, how bad I was at Spanish, how I was doomed to fail my GCSE and how I was never going to accomplish anything in life.
    At this point I should point out that I actually loved Spanish, and I was actually quite good at it when I put in effort (ie for exams, my marks were always highest in the class then she went even more mental because she was ragin I didn't make that much effort during the year!)
    So long story short, she went on maternity leave for the 2nd year of my GCSE. We got an amazing replacement teacher and I began to like the subject again. When my GCSE results came back it turns out I got an A* for Spanish!
    So... when I went back into school for my interview (to get back into school to do A Levels) I bumped into my Spanish teacher in the corridor. She sheepishly looked at me and congratulated me for doing so well in my exam. One of the top marks in the class and all That 15 second conversation was the single greatest moment of my life, seeing the old bag swallow her words and congratulate me. Proper epic!

    And as you will notice from my sig, I actually study French and Spanish at uni now. If I had listened to her/let her ruin my confidence like she was doing/if she hadn't have went off on maternity leave, my life might have been completely different. Funny how things work out!

    ... Why the negs??
    Yes, why the negs?! But at least you have a positive overall thingy. TSR common courtesy towards me is, well, negative, for some reason:nodots:
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    (Original post by MrBlueMo0n)
    Yes, why the negs?! But at least you have a positive overall thingy. TSR common courtesy towards me is, well, negative, for some reason:nodots:

    TSR can be so harsh sometimes, can't it?
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    (Original post by Tigger)
    Once our history teacher accused the class of stealing a window (well...the pane of glass)
    That's got to be the funniest thing I've ever read
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    Some of the things on here are hilarious
    Here's one of my stories from Year 7...

    In our top set maths class we had this really stupid teacher who knew literally nothing. The questions we got were: 10x14= or 4/2= Really stupid questions...
    The teacher had absolutely no control over us and would just sit there whilst we messed around. We had him for around 6 months.
    Here are some of the things we done:
    Someone pulled a blind (the really big ones) of the window which fell onto 3 computers.
    Someone threw a chair at the teacher.
    Someone drew a dick on the Interactive White Board
    Everyone used to swear at the teacher

    In our school we have this thing called "Patrol" which is where a teacher who cannot deal with a student or wants them removed "Emails Patrol" and a senior figure of the school comes and basically kills that student.
    He threatened to send everyone to Patrol and everyone said go on...after 20 minutes of finding the patrol feature on his PC the idiot ended up calling it to the wrong room. (We know because that Deputy Head was aimlessly walking around our floor)

    Usually, our pregnant teacher who was our first, really good teacher just looked through the door window in absolute disgust.

    We had headteachers,deputy head and year leaders coming in literally everyday to check up on us.

    *Best 6 Months Ever*

    (Eventually the teacher got fired for not being able to teacher properly or have what it takes to control a class) (Someone even got 80 signatures on a petition to fire him)
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    - I got told off for kicking my P.E. teacher in the face... I was only 9 or 10, and he was trying to make us do shoulder stands (you know, lie on your back and stretch your legs up reeeaaaallly high...), I went as high as I could, but he insisted I needed to go higher. His solution? Yank my legs up higher, to the point of actual pain. So I kicked him (hard) in the face from upside down as he was pulling, I had to stand in the corner for like an hour afterwards but I think I was pretty justified in what I did haha. Quite satisfying :rolleyes:

    - My twin bro got a detention for sneezing too loudly. :lolwut:

    - In year 8 or 9, me and a friend got told off for asking our very bald teacher if he waxed his head with polish because it was so shiny. :teehee:


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