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lump in armpit

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    i recently found a small lump in my armpit which worries me a bit. do you think its just due to shaving or could be something more serious??? any advice appreciated thanks.
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    I think its due to a bit of shaving........depends what the size of the lump is etc etc and are you a boy or a girl? I assume you are a girl otherwise you are just a gay boy......lol :P
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    If it stings/hurts when you touch it it could be a boil.
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    I had an abscess on my armpit a few years ago. I'd go to the doctors to get it checked out.
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    I've had a lump on my armpit twice, It went after 3 or 4 days
    And for the record I don't shave my armpits.
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    I've had a lump in my armpit-it was due to blocked pores or something. It went down afer a few days-if your worried get it checked out.
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    I've had that before, it went down after a few days, I squeezed it a bit and some stuff came out.. yuck. Mine was probs an infection from a shaving cut, but if it doesn't go down soon go to your doctors, I often get tiny lumps from shaving, your supposed to exfoliate your armpits but I can never be bothered..
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    Good suggestions here - you can also sometimes feel the glands in your armpits, so it could just be that. Might be an idea to get it checked out, though remember, if you're a teenager, you're at low risk of anything more serious.
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    Hey! i had that once...yeh the blocked pores thing..squeezed it and a load of **** came out (was disgusting) but yeah..dont worry too much but if it gets bigger..or hurts more..mite be a bigger cist? then get it checked out
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    think its to do with a gland reacting to the skin being irritated or somthing? coz it feels tender when i get them occasionally due to shaving, like when your glands are up around your neck. it goes after a day or two
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    yeah if it doesnt go down in like a week or something, go to the doctors and get it checked out
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    i recently found a small lump in my armpit which worries me a bit. do you think its just due to shaving or could be something more serious??? any advice appreciated thanks.
    i found a lump in my armpit about 2 weeks after my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer -so scared the life out of me!

    I went to the doctor as it was very large and didn't feel like a gland. He looked at it and said it was a cyst and it would go down. Which it did.

    If it hasn't gone away in a week or two i would go to the doctor. Or if you are still concerned, please go.
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    Hey, there are lymph nodes in your armpits which swell up after an infection etc. due to white blood cells. This is completely harmless and common. Do you think it's this?
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    if its like a lump under skin it could be your glands as they are in the armpit
    however im not a doctor and if ure worried u shud go get it checked out
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    I can offer another "i had a lump too" it was under the skin, and went down in a few days. Lumps come and go, everywhere, all the time. **** it. If it keeps growing, see a doctor or something.


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