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Program for Wireless WEP key password finder

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    Does anyone have the program called Wireless WEP Key Password spy 1.0 or other similar programs (tells you the wep key passwords for all the wireless connections you can access ) which they can send me? Please.

    They are only like 1mb etc.. if you do say here or PM me. Thanks

    Love BlueAngel xxx
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    The only ones I have ever heard of run on linux and depending on the key length and amount of activity can take over a week to find the correct key. Even after leaving this going it may still not guarantee you access especially if it is an advanced home user as they may also have enabled MAC filtering.
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    For 64bit WEP you only need a few megabytes of data to work out the key, for 128bit you need a few gigabytes (and a lot of machine hours); and you might as well not bother doing WPA-PSK.

    Either way, using a network or system you dont have permission for is a break of the computer misuse act, which carrys some very heavy sentances.
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    Im taking the netural ground, they are tools do what you like with them...

    Firstly, install a Linux Distro the grab the aircrack-ng suite (i believe you can run this with a little help from cygwin under XP).

    As PieMaster said you need a lot of IV's to crack 128bit WEP and if its WAP well jsut dont bother really. The heavier the traffic on the network, the quicker this is possible.

    It is possible without much traffic. Without going into it at all it involves sending a crafted ARP request packet from one host and grabbing data from another. Im not going to elobroate, read the man pages and use google. Parts one, two and three of this guide are good start -

    ^^This is by no means consice again, do your own reserach.
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