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lost my provisional liscense :(

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    Title says it all, left my wallet in my Uni canteen today, right after leaving I noticed I never had my wallet on me .. ran back in and it was gone. Hours later canteen nor reception know of a wallet being handed in ... thought people in my Uni were more kind-hearted.

    So that's my credit card, money, oyster and provisional gone.
    Have cancelled my card, what can I do about my provisional?

    I still have the document part, just the green card is gone.
    I'm guessing I'll need to pay for another one, but will I need new photos?
    and how much would this cost?

    Thanks for any info.
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    Fee is £19 iirc. If we're talking about a UK driver's licence.


    All the information can be found here for a replacement.

    In particular the passage about a duplicate photocard licence:

    (Original post by Duplicate Licence Information)
    If your photocard and paper counterpart have been lost or stolen and none of the details on your licence have changed, you can apply for a duplicate licence by telephone using a credit or debit card. The fee for a duplicate licence is £19.00. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) accepts Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, Solo, Electron and Maestro. To use this service ring 0870 240 0009, Monday to Friday 8.00 am - 8.30 pm or Saturday 8.00 am - 5.30 pm.
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    (Original post by ElementWhat)
    Title says it all
    The title says you struggle with spelling.
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    ^ Could have at least tried to help, must have had a bad day
    Thanks for the reply LithiumHelios,
    it's only a provisional license so I'm hoping it'll be cheaper.
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    It's £19.
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    Also ur meant to phone the police.
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    ^ best thing to do. If you have insurance you could probly claim it back on that?
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    (Original post by --monty---)
    Also ur meant to phone the police.
    Yeah, you're meant to file a report with the police, if you haven't already done so. Just like if you lose your passport.
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    I lost mine too.
    - Droped my wallet in a club, bang, liecense/cards/buspass/£50, all gone!

    This was the day before my test tho. So i had to get speical forms faxed all of the frigging place, charged £20 or so, and a nice letter telling me i cant do that again for the next 3years or somthing!
    - Never did get a replament card, just got my full one about a week later.

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    I lost mine this tuesday. Totally know how you feel I left my purse on the friggin bus!! And whats with that ranchman little guy? So rude :mad:
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    Hey same thing happened to me and no one's been decent enough to hand my purse in anywhere...
    This website tells you what to do though:

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    i lost my provisional aswel and had no idea what to do, i was just kinda hoping i could go to do my test with my documentation and passport... would that work the same? x :confused:
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    look on the dvla website
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    (Original post by RuthHughes)
    i lost my provisional aswel and had no idea what to do, i was just kinda hoping i could go to do my test with my documentation and passport... would that work the same? x :confused:
    No. You need both parts of the provisional licence to take the test.


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Updated: February 27, 2011
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