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    (Original post by kirstinx)
    I love the Sims but I dont have a copy anymore
    :eek: Oh no! Why? What happened?;console;
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    (Original post by hyper-little-mushroom-men)
    Hey Jayk, that sounds intriguing! I'd be interested in reading that, though I haven't time to scratch myself these days... I hate not having enough time to read! :mad:

    As for what I'm working on... *shamelessly copies and pastes from other thread* :p:

    It's set in a country that for centuries has used magic to bind the people to loyalty -- civilians and peasants are free unless they're given a direct order, but the Watch, the military and the nobility are all under quite strict bonds. (Though of course, it all depends on how you interpret your bonds... ) Because of this, there hasn't been a rebellion or any challenge to the royal succession for centuries; there's a lot of magical safeguards surrounding it. The story's set around what happens when the brother of the Queen, a powerful wizard, tries to break the magic surrounding the succession and claim the throne...

    It's from the point of view of Erian, a captain of the border watch, who begins to smell a rat when she discovers a huge cover-up about a border breach to the north. Let's just say that she has her own special way of interpreting her commands... She's one of the few who isn't a sheep.

    Does anyone else find facets of themselves inadvertantly surfacing in their characters? I've realised that in the as yet unwritten sequel to this, Erian's actions are almost me playing out all the rebelling I never did... the bossy bit of me that rarely sees the light of day. There's a big part of me that wants to stand on top of buildings shouting and leading rebellions, lol. :p: Writing reminds me of acting... finding the bit of me somewhere inside that's a snob, or a coward, or brave, or insane, or rebellious, or vain, and writing it into the characters.

    I probably sound schizophrenic.
    Cool. I especially like the sound of Erian- having the story from her point of view will be great!

    To the bold bit: Same here, absolutely. Though most of the time/some of the time, I do do that to the main characters deliberately as in it's my purpose to do so. Couldn't have it any other way!:p: You don't sound schizoprenic- I do that too and I'm not schizoprenic or like to think of myself/describe myself as that either!:eek: :p:
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    (Original post by Elements)
    Cool. Sounds really good. I look forward to it.
    I honestly hope it is good! All I've got to go on is one of my mate's opinions and my own! Which is hardly conclusive
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    (Original post by Elements)
    :eek: Oh no! Why? What happened?;console;
    When I moved out of my parents my brother stole it.
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    Bah! Damn brothers stealing stuff! I know the feeling! My step-brother constantly stole stuff from me - especially video games and my movie magazines :mad: And stealing the Sims I presume was just a step too far
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    I want it back, or a new one
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    Isn't it really cheap, ATM? I'm sure I saw it in Game for, like, £24.99 with University and Night Life.
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    We dont have a GAME nearby
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    Ah...that could cause problems...
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    I have enough money in my paypal account but not enough in my bank account to order it from GAME :indiff:
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    This has nothing to do with this soc:p:

    But I could use Sims characters as an inspiration to write a novel
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    Hehehe! Yeah

    'I found myself in a strange world; it was like my house only...less real. I glanced about, and suddenly I noticed a green gem hovering above my head, following me as I moved about.'

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    2 Sims could hate each other, accidently "something happens" and they fall in love and have lots of babies:p:
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    Does anyone want to buy me it and I will paypal you the money
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    Only if you paypal me the money first :ninja: :vroam:

    You could probably buy it off of Ebay with paypal, couldn't you?
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    (Original post by Jayk Bakner)
    Only if you paypal me the money first :ninja: :vroam:

    You could probably buy it off of Ebay with paypal, couldn't you?

    There are a lot of fakes on ebay and its only £19.99 at Game.
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    What SIM expansion packs do you have and are thinking of getting then?
    I don't have SIMS at all. I have a friend who has it and they are going to let me borrow it untill I could get an expansion pack. Then I could give the disk back.
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    (Original post by Jayk Bakner)
    Bah! Damn brothers stealing stuff! I know the feeling! My step-brother constantly stole stuff from me - especially video games and my movie magazines :mad: And stealing the Sims I presume was just a step too far
    Lol.*Pats*.Me and my brother actually share playing The SIMS. I let him create a few families and play on it etc.:eek: But they're my games because I bought them and love playing on them more than he does. Not saying that I'm addicted to The SIMS or anything because I'm not:ninja: really though, I'm not.

    Do you find you have a preferred family on The SIMS?
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    I got that ginger haired guy with the 2 daughters to leave his wife and have 3 babies with some young CEO :proud:, they had a huggeee house.


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