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Bank Roll number.. HELP!!!

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    Hello guys, recently student finance sent me a letter about my finance details. I have there my bank number and sort code, however i cannot find which one is the roll number. Do i need to my local branch and ask them for it?? or can i find it anywhere at all(i have no cheque books) OR is it not needed???

    to those students who have applied for student finance please help thank you!
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    You will only need a roll number if you have a building society account so if you use a bank just ignore it, otherwise contact your branch and they will tell you it.
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    building societies have roll numbers so if u are with an actual bank u just leave it blank.who are u with? some building societies like nationwide also dont have roll numbers
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    im with natwest.... how do i know if im with a building society or a bank??? (sorry im so ignorant to these kind of financial things, i dont even have a credit card and i only have one account)
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    You do not need a roll number with Natwest. I'm with them and I didn't put one down and all is well
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    yay! thank you so much for this very helpful information!
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    does anyone know if santander or barclays have a roll number?
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    (Original post by JasminC)
    does anyone know if santander or barclays have a roll number?
    Its only if they are a building society...of which those 2 I don't believe are
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    (Original post by Iqbal007)
    Its only if they are a building society...of which those 2 I don't believe are

    oh ok then thanks a lot!x
Updated: May 12, 2013
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