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IB for me?

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    I've been doing the IB for about 6 weeks. And I’m happy with it, I like it and it’s a lot of work. I do about 5 hours of work a night average.

    But I got my school reports today and had a meeting with the IB coordinator...

    Hi Business Good
    Hi Bio Very Good
    Hi History Good

    Intio Spanish Calls for concern
    SL Maths Need attention
    English Needs attention

    That isn't good. So I’m wondering, is the IB for me then? Can i do the two years? Can I make it? I'm like worried like crazy.

    "Calls for Concern", "Needs Attention"

    that’s not good!.

    And I’m hoping to do international Relations and I would need like 32 points and up. I'M SCARED.

    Failing my lower levels is seriously going keep me out of the 30 point area.
    I was never good at learning languages and a prime example in year 9 I got
    “Un-gradable” for my French.
    Is it too early to be thinking that I’m not suitable for the IB or is this a good time to leave the IB?

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    I cant say I do that much work a night on the IB!

    Especially at 6 weeks into the course.

    Okay, maybe we have a few essays or courseworks that demand 5 hours a night work, but I'd say usually I do 2-3 top whack.

    As for the "Is the IB right for me?", as with most things thats down to you personally, but i'd say that the needs for concern and "needs attention" could be just like a kick up the ass to tell you that your work needs improving - its not suggesting you will fail, just that you need to up your game :p:
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    2-4 hours a night?

    How come. I end up spending about 5 hours average. Always busy, CAS paper work, reorganise them folders, read that, do this.

    So far i like it, work hard, play hard. We have Counter Strike LAN competitions in the IB suite during Free Periods.

    My Spanish is going to be the serious climb i need, since i'm a real failure in other languges, like French, and a poor speller in English. In year 9 i got "Un-gradeable" for French.
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    If I could show you my folders, you'd see that folder organisation is not at the top of my agenda. Also, CAS sheets i havent even started yet (first half term of year 13 nearly done :p:) I spend about 4-5 hours a night reading stuff on the internet or on msn (whilst doing homework sometimes). Most homeworks I dont bother with (waste of time) others I just do in school when I can (usually at lunch time).

    And I'm still predicted quite high grades (enough to tempt a try at Cambridge :p:)

    Don't feel demotivated by the work - you are just obviously well organised (unlike me). I work in a mess and it suits me
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    Looks like my question has been solved. Now, How do i kill a Thread?
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    Just leave it and it will soon just drop off the page and into obsolescence :p:
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    most of the people who do IB are not very good at the subjects theyve chosen...i mean youve been in IB for only 6 weeks...jus carry on with the course and you'll develope your skill tremendously in your weak subjects...thats what Ib does to you...makes your basics super-strong and then build on it..
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    ur not gonna fail on th eback of one report card, the IB will never see this report card its the start of the year it can only get better from here, HL are the important ones and there looking great don't worry yet :p:
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    is it possable to fail the IB? Does it work abit like the GCSE where you don't fail, you just didn't pass.

    Or do they have like strick rules or failing conditions.
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    ok stop getting so wordked up! you can fail the IB there are various reasons that you fail they're all kindof complicated but from one term's work you will have no idea of whether you will fail or not. even if you do fail you can resit. and i don't know what you mean about the GCSE thing most people consider a c to be a 'pass' although technically anything bar a U is a passing grade
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    Yeah you can fail the IB.

    Such failing conditions:

    1. Really rubbish Extended Essay and TOK grades (I think its two E's) or not handing in an Extended Essay / Completing the TOK

    2. Multiple level 2's at Higher Level or a 1.

    3. For overall results: more than three grades of 3; or more than one grade of 3 if there is a grade of 2 at the standard level.

    Taken from here
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    I made a rash decision to leave the IB (I left on the second day) but however it was the school in which I was attending, it is one of the best in the UK and like take only 80 out of 250 people and it was different atomsphere than I was use too compared to my old school. If your are one of those hard working people than in time it will pay off (this is what I was told before I left) as like gifted people will also struggle, it is just a matter of time... stay in in it!!!!
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    but to get a 1 or 2 you basically have to write your name only, isn't it?
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    you people rock, i would make a hug symbol on here but i don't know how to!!! :tsr2: :suith: :tsr2: :suith:
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    Yeah I heard you can give hugs.. you just go to my post, click on the scales symbol in the top right corner of my post and hit "I Approve".

    LOL :p:
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    yeah alice for a 1 or 2 u have to do really crud, we had one 2 in our school for maths HL he did crud :p:
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    haha dan - fishing for reps are we?
    yeah, to get a 1 you really have to have done...nothing. though a 2 I suppose you flick about the exam paper writing some rubbish.

    though for IGCSE I know someone how went in, wrote his name on the paper and handed it in blank and got a G (which is not a U which is still a grade)...so yeah.

    all that said, my school IB handbook for students actually say you should not expect to get very high grades (or much more than a 4) in the first quarter of your doing IB if your teacher is marking strictly to IB guidelines. therefore...do IB.

    and yeah I know you're trying to get rid of this thread so this post is redundant and rahter pointless.
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    I just feel that people may need to know where the rep button is should it be needed. we IB helpers are under-repped considering all the advice we give
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    dan will keep the thread alive forever if it gives him rep 'ooh look at me i have 3 gems' well bully for you *tongue*
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