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Account suspended: too many invalid login attempts.

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    I keep getting this message when logging onto track:

    Account suspended: too many invalid login attempts.

    The thing is... I don't remember get my password wrong even once...

    My whole application isn't cancelled right? Anyone have more info on this? PQ? Juno?

    I'm a bit freaked right now...
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    "Please email outlining the nature of the difficulties that you are experiencing"
    You could telephone them too though... I'd call them tomorrow.
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    I could be wrong, but I think I read something saying that if you get your password wrong five times, you'll be locked out for that day, but you can log in again the next day. If you're sure you haven't got your password wrong, that would suggest someone else has been trying to log into your account, either to try and get access to it or purposely getting it wrong so your account gets locked.
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    When it says account suspended it just means that the log-in is suspended and not the actual application has been cancelled. For this to happen though someone would need to know your application number and username :confused:

    Who has access to this information and is a foe of yours?
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    That happened to me a few times (quite a lot actually, lol), you either have to wait for tomorrow, or you can ring them up and tell them to unlock it (if your applying as an individual), but if your doing it through your school you can just go to your tutor or whoever is coordinating the UCAS Applications (at our school it was the senior tutors), and tell them to unlock your account (they can do it instantly online when they login as staff).
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    I called UCAS myself (even though I'm applying through a school) and they unlocked it.
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    glad to hear squire. who was the mystery enemy?
  8. Offline

    (Original post by oriel04)
    glad to hear squire. who was the mystery enemy?
    Yet to figure out who the idiot was....
  9. Offline

    who would have access to your UCAS letter to know your username and account number? basically that answers it.
  10. Offline

    (Original post by oriel04)
    who would have access to your UCAS letter to know your username and account number? basically that answers it.
    Possibly my flatmate - I doubt he'd do it though... then again... he used to be quite the sycophant.
  11. Offline


    have it out with him,

    fisty cuffs down regents park

    stick it on youtube for tsr's to see.
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    I think the reason this happens is because your web browser tries to auto-complete uour login information and log in for you. ucas does not allow the personal ID number to be auto-completed, hence, an invalid login attempt.


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Updated: August 20, 2010
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