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RAF Interview

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    Hey guys, so i have my RAF interview on thursday and im just crapping myself.

    What do i need to know? I heard i need to know about where the RAF are etc, so are they in iraq/afgan/korea? What are they doing there?

    What else do i need to know, what is it like?

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    What is this for? Recruit or Officer?

    One thing is for sure - we haven't been in Korea for decades. By the sounds of it you could do with brushing up on your current affairs. I suggest www.bbc.co.uk/news and for background info www.wikipedia.org
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    Check the forces FAQ for sample questions.

    No the RAF are not in Korea, they are in a fair few other places though.
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    Its and interview for a trade, communication and information systems specialist so not officer
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    Have a look at this:


    and these:


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    thanks the first link has helped lots

    Am i expected to know LOTS about the aircraft and weapons?
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    So long as you have a sound knowledge of what the RAF operates, where we are in the world and what you chosen trade involves, you'll be fine. When I joined I didn't find the interview particullary challenging. It was more like a chat about yourself and what you know about the service you want to join.

    I'd say know the following:

    Yourself. What you did at school/family/hobbies/clubs/sport/motivation for joining.
    Why you have chosen CIS Specialist.
    What recruit training consists of/how long/where it is.
    What your trade training consists of/how long/where it is.
    What your role as a CIS Specialist will be.
    Where you could be posted.
    A/C we operate and their roles.
    Where we (the RAF) are in the world, and why.

    Thats plenty for you to learn! If I think of anything else I'll let you know.
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    Learn some if you can, but don't get bogged down by the intricate details. You may not be applying for pilot, but it's not going to look good if you haven't heard of the Eurofighter Typhoon.
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    what if i dont know the answer to a question and say "sorry im im not sure" how badly will this go down =[
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    Best not to bullsh*t. Just admit that you don't know and move on.
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    But obviously, don't use it too often otherwise you look underprepared.
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    If you don't know then say so. The worst thing you could do is try to BS your way through it. They will spot it a mile off. If you do say that you don't know, then they will move on.

    Don't worry if you do, they are testing your depth of knowledge, so will keep asking you questions until they either get a 'I don't know' or are satisfied with the knowledge you have shown.
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    Better still, if you are under-prepared, give them a call and say "Sorry, I've done some research and realised I'm under-prepared. Please can I delay by one month". Shows you have done some research, you are aware of your limitations, you are serious about the application and you have the moral courage to face up to a tricky situation and plan a mature way to deal with it. Better than going in and making a complete *rse of yourself - really bad interviews don't usually count as useful experience.
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    Have to agree with 3pd. That and the fact that if you fail the interview you may be asked not to apply again.
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    random question: do i shake their hand when i go in? lol
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    as in, offer my hand or wait for them to offer theirs
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    Why are you trying to over analyse every detail? Really don't stress about it. Go in, smile and shake their hand and say hello.
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    nervous thats all, sorry lol
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    Understandable. I am nervous about my filter interview tomorrow too. When it comes to interviews it's alot of self induced pressure. Just go with the flow, be yourself and enjoy it!


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