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Homerton College (Cambridge) Students and Applicants

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    This year again it seems that the number applying directly to Homerton seems rather small. So those who are; reveal yourselves. And we'll all have a party!!!
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    What subject are you applying for?
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    Im already in yusuf bruvs
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    (Original post by Epicurus)
    Im already in yusuf bruvs
    I thought you were applying this year. :hmmmm:
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    i have deferred entry at Homerton for 2007
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    I'm applying for SPS at Homerton. Hello everyone and all that. I'm on a gap year, and I am apply for 2007 entry.
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    My friend went there for land economy. She didn't like it b/c of the location...
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    Thats cool Pip

    Ye Shady Lane Homerton is far out!!
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    Is there anybody out there?

    Pip why did u apply to Homerton?
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    The typical multitude of reasons: brilliant buildings, it's reputation as a friendly social college. Interesting college history. To be honest, I just got a good vibe from reading about it.
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    (Original post by Dr Pip)
    The typical multitude of reasons: brilliant buildings, it's reputation as a friendly social college. Interesting college history. To be honest, I just got a good vibe from reading about it.
    Do you enjoy cycling?
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    (Original post by Big Y)
    Do you enjoy cycling?
    Says the boy at Robinson :p:
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    I applied for Law at Homerton. I liked the building and the general atmosphere I guess.
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    (Original post by JohnStuartMill)
    Says the boy at Robinson :p:
    Touche. All the same, Homerton is in a league of its own for distance from anywhere useful/interesting.
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    why yes, I do enjoy cycling. I live in a city at the moment where cycling is amazing on one side the Danube, and ****ing hard work on the other :P
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    never saw the point of applying to homerton. most people fished out of the pool end up there anyway so you might as well apply to a pretty, well located college and then if you are any good they will accept you, otherwise they'll stick you in homerton.
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    May I help you Helen? Are you lost?
    This thread is only for those who like Homerton.
    So go and spew your anti-homertonian sentiment where someone will care. Maybe the Oxford forum.
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    Homerton stinks.
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    Hey Big Y
    Lets see how big you really are. Lets take this outside. :cool:
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    I went to Homerton today for a Table Tennis match. Had to use a car. Enough said.


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Updated: January 13, 2015
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