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Tesco Interview

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    I have an interview on Tuesday. Now I'm not going to ask what to wear, because I can dress myself :p: but I would like to know what questions I am most likely to be asked, for example should I swot up on company aims? Will I be asked to do some problem solving?
    Really looking forward to it actually, hope I get the job.

    When i got my job there there was a large group interview where we were given a topic to discuss and then we were marked on things like ability to listen, eye contact, communicating back. Basically dont be dominant over the rest of the group or anything. (you may not have a group interview it depends on number of applicants and jobs avalible, i think everyone from my interview got a job)

    Then we had a little one on one interview and i think most of the questions were quite simple like why are you suitable? What skills do you have to make you good for the job? Why did you choose tesco? If im honest it was two and a half years ago so i cant remember all that well.

    You should be fine

    I had a single interveiw with one guy and was asked really wierd questions like "name a recent dissapointment and what you did to overcome it". He did apologuise but said they have to ask the same questions to everyone.

    How did u gyus actually apply for a job at Tesco? There are a few Tescos around where I live and it would a very suitable job for me as I won't have to travel a lot to get there. But can u please tell me about the application process?

    I handed in my application for tesco yesterday and was reading through sum threads and found out tht tesco payed well.so how much would an under 18 get an hour and how does it compare to the likes of asda and morrisons?thanks

    hey, i was just wondering what kind of answers you guys put for the "Most often/least often" section of the form. Obviously im not asking for you to give me the correct answers (unless you want to ), im just asking if you know what kind of direction tescos like to see you answer in??
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    There are no right or wrong answers. Just answer them without thinking too much, otherwise you'll only wind yourself up. Some of the questions are really pointless and often repetitive, but just put down your first answer.

    Still haven't heard anything back from them. It's been almost a week.

    I have seen a lot of threads asking about the process of Tesco interviews and a lot of them are out of date.

    As of 2009 this is the process I had to go through to get a Team leader job at Tesco

    1. I found the Tesco job advert on Job centre website and a lot of the jobs for tesco are done through Jobcentre. Unfortunately, Tesco do not allways reveal that it is them hiring. So it will just say looking for Sales assistant etc and leave no employer name.

    2. I called up jobcentre and they checked to see if i met the minimum requirements. Then I was transferred to tesco and given details for an interview/open day event.

    3. At the open day, all I did was fill out an application form and we were told that we would find out if we would get through to the next stage. The guy said you will find out today as tesco are in need of employers now and you can expect to start as soon as next week.

    The application was funny because they would read out 4 statements (eg. Im a good team builder, i have high standards). and you had to tick at least 1 most likely and 1 Least likely box. Meaning that if all 4 statements are good, you had to say which one you are least good at.

    4. I got a phone call and was told that i could proceed to the next stage of a Numeracy and Literacy test.

    5. Final stage is a 1 to 1 interview and a decision will made.

    Im currently at stage 4 and got my Test tommorow :eek3:

    Most people won't apply for team leader. Basically, ask for an application form at the customer service desk (you don't need to hand in a cv). It has the usual - personal details, 2 references (I didn't have any, mind), the hours best for you, and a little quiz at the back of the form (as described above; what your good/bad at, useless in my opinion). Hand the form back in, they'll send a letter within the week saying they've 'recieved the application and are considering them all at the moment.'

    At that point, don't count on anything. It took three months until I got a phone call asking me to come in for an interview. Completely forgot I applied there. Went to interview (wore smart trousers and a white shirt, but felt so overdressed). Mine was a one-on-one interview, they asked questions about teamwork (examples, etc), how you overcome failure, motivation, working with people you don't get along with, improving skills, communication, using your initiative. Basically everything tesco is not. What they really should have asked was "Can you follow instructions?" and "Can you put that box on that shelf?" You're not paid to use your brain in tesco. After interview was over, was told that I'd get a call back if I was sucessful, after that you start they get you to come in (paid) on a saturday to watch a few videos about tesco as a company and working there. Then answer a few questions on a sheet of paper, and listen to the people complaining at the "difficultly" of the questions and how there was "a lot to take in."

    I could keep going into what it's like to work in tesco, but I'll leave it at that. You don't need to know anything about tesco as a company before your interview, but it might be a good idea to think of a few examples relating to "Teamwork", "Communication", "Helping people" and "Difficult situations". Otherwise you might find yourself waiting for a couple of minutes after the question is asked, trying to think up something to say.

    Hope that helps someone, it's not difficult to get into tesco once you've got an interview though.

    The above post is quite right, the most hardest part is getting an interview. I was lucky in that Tesco needs employees sooner rather than later.

    As for the tests, it was the most easiest test ever.

    Before the test began, a guy jokingly asked "can we have a look at the answers" to which the representative said "The test is so easy, looking at the anwsers will slow you down".

    They asked questions like, "if a pack of sweets cost 55P and you pay with a £1 coin, how much change will you get"

    What is the correct spelling for "people" (and other similar words.)

    The whole idea of the test is to filter out those who dont have basic english and maths skills.

    Ive just recently got a job at tescos on the checkouts, and i need some help! Ive only done 3 shifts and i was left on my own after the first 3/4 hours, so i still feel like theres loads i need to know.

    Ive found out that certain things like red peppers, yellow peppers. garlic, lemons, limes etc all have codes that u need to type into the till, but no-ones told me yet and i feel like im annoying people when i ask questions.

    If someone could please please help me i would be so greatful

    Jen xxx


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