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Xbox live?

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    I was thinking of getting an Xbox 360 this year but was wondering if the online component works on the Resnet connection. Maybe tunneling or router magic may be needed? Has anyone got one and can confirm if it works?

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    the ISS monkey stated, that, if you can verify it on the network, then it will work... how to do that, is a different matter!
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    When he says "it will work", does that mean everything will work? like online play? updates? downloads? chat? teamspeak?

    Does anyone know how to validate the xbox?

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    i'll pay money via paypal if someone tells me how to get it working.
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    I know how to get it working, PM me.
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    Im trying to get xbox live working, if anyone can help out it would be great :cool:

    PM me if you can help, thanks
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    i would also like some help getting it to work.. thanks
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    nobody knows how to get it working. I'm starting to think its impossible.
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    (Original post by superface)
    I know how to get it working, PM me.
    this guy claims to know how to do it..
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    Yes he says that but i pm'd him a week ago and still have no reply.
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    oh right i PM'd him too and no response.. i might email the iss guys and ask them something..
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    I sent a message to iss ages ago, they didn't give me any help, just said they dont support it

    I guess if enough people contact them, they might help us out :rolleyes:
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    So how much is it worth to tell you how to do it? And if you do make it work anyone fancy a game of Burnout Revenge?
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    would be cool..

    the only problem is validating it apparently? although when we did test connection it had an error on the MTU.. but anyway would you be able to validate it if we give the MAC address of the xbox?

    or is that not the only problem?
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    Im sure i could think of a reward

    How long does it take to set up? PM me if you want to help, Thanks :cool:
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    Xboxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Liveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeee
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    Anyone want to tell me how to get it to work
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    Ok, I can get it to work for you guys. Firstly though, can you assure me that ISS won't stop it if everyone starts using it? Seeing as nobody seems to know how, I don't want everyone to get on it and then ISS stopping it altogether because too many people are taking up bandwidth.

    Can anyone assure me?

    Also, I have no money whatsoever, would you be willling to pay for the info? IO'm sorry to have to do this but I'm genuiningly skint.
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    lol, i guess i would pay about £10 seeing as you did the leg work. Wouldnt want to pay more than that tho, xbox geeks shud stick together hehe . Maybe ISS Monkey could clear up your question about stopping it all together if two many people use it :confused:
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    I really don't think bandwidth is an issue to ISS. I would be willing to pay you the same as Apollo if you really can get it to work. Would be the best money I've spent since i got here lol.


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