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Soprano/alto duet

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    Hey, does anyone know a good soprano/alto duet? Preferably not a poppy one, since my (alto) voice is better suited to slow songs...thank you!

    Also, this is a really random questoin, but does anyone know how to get rid of the "break" in voices? Like, I've been singing for ages (by myself), but only for a year in a choir, and it's a bit of a joke. Anyway, I realised that as soon as I get to G (the one just above middle C), I need to change the "type" of voice I use...like it's not from the belly, but from the head...am I making sense? If I am, can someone please tell me how to overcome it? Because I know that the alto range is lower, but not THAT low...surely I should be able to get high C with no problem? Thanks...

    The first thing that comes to mind is Pie Jesu! That's the only thing I've sung in duet form (mum sang the alto line) as I usually sing in a choir...

    I bet that's no help though! :rolleyes:

    You can't get rid of a break, but you can train yourself to have a smooth passing between the two (pasalgia or something...) and to make your head voice stronger...

    High C as in one or two above middle C? An Alto should be able to get an E two above middle C....

    Several duets spring to mind (all musical theatre though):

    Marry the man today - Guys and Dolls
    You could drive a person crazy - Company - Meant for 3 people, but can be done by two...
    One More Kiss - Follies (quite classical sounding)
    The Glamorous Life - A little night music - Again meant for three, but can be split into 2 or shortened.
    Every day a little death - A little night music - More like alto/mezzo
    Stay with me - Into the Woods
    A boy like that/I have a love - West Side Story (amazing song!)

    All I can think of for the moment... Sorry they're mostly Sondheim!
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    Ooooh, thank you sooo much! A high C as in one above middle C I have a really crap range I suppose...I can get up to an E (we had to sing phantom of the opera, and in Think of Me we had to sing that), but it's a real real stretch for me, and doesn't sound pretty. And I know it shouldn't be such a strain...hmmm...making my head voice stronger. We'll give that a shot...the songs are gorgeous btw Anyone else w/ suggestions would also be appreciated too

    [EDIT] I mean a high C as in one octave above middle C. And the E I referred to was the one which was two notes above that, ie. 9 steps above middle C...

    Yeah, thats the E you should aim for as an Alto. Basically try singing scales to the different vowel sounds over your break and really listen to hear if you are straining in your head voice. If you totally relax those E's should come more easily.

    Try singing ascending scales at different speeds and make sure your breath production is completely smooth. But don't worry too much... most singers train for years to get rid of that break in the voice, its not going to happen overnight. Also everyone's range is different, its really hard to say "this is alto" or "this is sop" cause its just not that black and white. Everyone has their own rules.

    Yeah, it's more to do with sound quality. I sound quite Tenory (especially higher up), but have a baritone range...


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