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Condensation inside car

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    As the title says really - everytime I get in my car there's condensation on the windows - does this mean there's a gap somewhere in the seals? How do I go about fixing this?

    Thanks for help
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    Finding the area affected and getting new seals
    Also: worth checking to make sure your window is flush with the door frame when closed, as my car had condensation for this very reason. That just requires re-straightening.
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    So I need to go round all of the seals looking for gaps? Oh the fun! Thanks for the reply
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    (Original post by Sazarina88)
    So I need to go round all of the seals looking for gaps? Oh the fun! Thanks for the reply
    Best to do it when its raining, and from inside your car, where you can then feel around the edges, and see if any droplets are on your fingers But fun indeed, better than having to get your head underneath a bonnet
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    Typically too much condensation (remember it's the time of year for condensation along with spring) is caused by a faulty heater matrix, are your carpets wet etc.? ANy smell? Does it keep condensing up when running?

    For it to be rain water that water has to enter the car and then vaporise then recondense on the windows, if the car is cold it's not very likely. Remember since it is cold your windows will mist up when you get into them often enough; you're all warm and sweaty (no offence) and have lots of warm water vapour in your breath. All this likes to condense on the screen.

    Don't ever wipe it, unless you have a specific demisting pad, using anything else will just make the problem worse.
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    Thank you for your reply .

    Carpets aren't wet at all, no smells.

    I have a demister pad that I wipe it off with and it doesn't come back.

    It tends to be more towards the front of the car but it's like it before I even get in the car?

    What do you recommend doing?
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    Only come with the cold weather? It's not too unusual for you to have a bit of condensation in the car, even before you get chance to breath on the screen If:

    - There's no obvious leaks then you can rule that out - but that would still be an unusual cause of misted screen.
    - Your fan heater is working fine, no smells and no wet carpets
    - The condensate doesn't' return once you get going
    - You don't have a homeless person sweating in your car

    I wouldn't worry. Personally I go out and switch my car on (and then lock it from the outside) a few minutes before I leave incase there's any condensate. It gets worst during the Spring when it can be very wet outside but warm in the car.

    If you sing loud when you pull off it can be bad too *not that I ever do *
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    Could indicated a leak anywhere in the car. It would be worth checking with your car model specific forum (there normally is one) to see where the common areas of leaking are.

    What car is it?
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    Toyota Yaris. I've had it for over a year and never experienced this last year. I'll try checking for leaks as the condensation doesn't return once I set off. I'll also look on the Parkers forums. Thanks for your replies.

    P.S. I think I'd best check for a homeless person!
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    It's a Yaris he would be a bit cramped

    I suggest it's not something to be worrying about to be honest.
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    You'd be surprised where you find homeless people...they can fit into the smallest of places!
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    Nowt to worry about, my Focus does it all the time, and during the day I leave the windows open a bit if I can (only 1cm or so), 'cos then it doesnt do it. I know theres nowt wrong with the car (re heater matrix, seals etc) so I just put it down to the car staying outside all the time.
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    (Original post by Lloydy)
    Nowt to worry about, my Focus does it all the time, and during the day I leave the windows open a bit if I can (only 1cm or so), 'cos then it doesnt do it. I know theres nowt wrong with the car (re heater matrix, seals etc) so I just put it down to the car staying outside all the time.
    It isn't normal. It indicates that water is somehow finding its way into the car, if you want to ignore that fact then fine, but some people like to fix the problems before they become issues.

    I have three cars which stay outside all the time, none of them do it.
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    Well how would I diagnose that there is something wrong; heater works fine, never lets in water no matter what the weather, never any wet patches on floor/doos/boot etc, dosnt return once I have the blowers on the windscreen, no homeless person sleeping in my car. the only time it does return is if I clear it with the heated front windscreen (yes, im sure it has one) then turn the heated screen off and dont have any blowers on the it comes back. If I drive with the windows open then it doesnt get wet.

    Only thing I can therefore think of is that the water which is naturally in the air as a result of having 3 or 4 people in the car at times,. and the air wbeing warmer therfore has a higher dewpoint and can hold more water than the outside air, when the car is left and the air inside the car cools the water condenses onto the cold surfaces, ie my windows, becuase the air cant hold as much water.
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    Is your heater set to recirculation when driving? If so turn it off for curing it whilst driving.


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Updated: November 30, 2006
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