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Clifford Chance Winter Workshop

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    Has anyone been on one of these? What kind of things do you do on them?
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    (Original post by tiger306)
    Has anyone been on one of these? What kind of things do you do on them?
    I did this workshop last Christmas. All in all it was enjoyable so you should have a good time with the firm. From memory I believe there were about thirty or so students (about 70% from Oxbridge) and the majority of our time was spent either in classroom-like tutorials or socialising. In addition one one of the two days we we spent a few hours in pairs shadowing a senior associate (who was very busy and frightfully annoyed that he had to entertain us and answer our questions!).

    The dinner parties were very good and I advise you to take every opportunity to get to know the people you meet (esp' the graduate recruitment team). Enjoy!
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    I did it too, was a really interesting couple of days, lots of socialising!
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    Thanks guys, sounds like I'll have a good time!


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Updated: December 19, 2006
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