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Group 4 Project DONE

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    you can take 3 if you're doing an extra 7th subject. or there's this special permission you cna get to take a 3rd science instead of a humanities
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    Group 4 really isnt that important... you do a normal experiment, present, fill in the sheet... DONE

    It counts for jack all of your final mark anyway.
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    yeah. its just something you do. some people put too much importance into it. unnecessary.
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    OMG we finished our group 4 about a month ago. at the beginning we had one week to come up with a topic. we figured we'd do "smoking and its effects on he human body". EASY topic. but when it came down to it i did most of the work in my group [like practically EVERYTHING] and the day b4 it wuz due too. i am not sad that that is over with. and we have like 35 bio students to 4 chem students to 0 physics students. so we didnt have to do all three aspects of our project. and my group was ALL bio students. 2 of my group members werent even full IB so they really didnt know the impact of our grades and such. and our teacher wouldnt even give us hints about things. the only thing i'm glad that we didnt do was that we didnt have to present our project. it jus had to be turned in in a neat order in a binder.
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    I'm taking two sciences, so is that 2 G4's?

    Also...it is best to finish it off in IB1? A LOT of people suggested that to me, so I'm thinking of finishing it at the end of this year. And does it have to combine all of the sciences? I'm not too keen on integrating Physics.
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    (Original post by Milkfed)
    I'm taking two sciences, so is that 2 G4's?

    Also...it is best to finish it off in IB1? A LOT of people suggested that to me, so I'm thinking of finishing it at the end of this year. And does it have to combine all of the sciences? I'm not too keen on integrating Physics.
    It really depends on your school. at mine, we only have to do 1 G4 no matter how many sciences we took. we only had to have people from all the different sciences in the group and somehow incorporate elements of all sciences into the project.
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    In our school we spent a whole day preparing the g4 project but havent actually presented it yet...:confused:
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    Yeah we spent a Saturday doing the experiments and then a double period with the presentations.
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    I do two science and I am only doing one group 4 project. Like the others we spent a whole day on it, I think it was a Thursday. Then we presented it the next day, our group had people from all the sciences. We did 8 experiments testing the strength, flamablity (did that one three times, everyone at my school is a pyromaniac due to a year spent playing with fire in remote montains) etc on the difference between plastic and more biodegradable starch plates and cutlery, it was quite a fun day.
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    just one day on preparing for it? we had like 2 and a half months to do ours.
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    Well we had like a week's class time to prepare and plan, one day to do the experiment, another week to prepare the post-lab stuff like the presentation and one double period to present (4 groups).
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    We had about four days of class time to prepare, and the day to the expirements and another day to prepare the presentation, an did it in a science double much like HMS's school it seems.
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    apparently you're only supposed to spend 12-15 hours on the G4 but I think we used much more than 15 hours
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    I think we might of to, but it doesn't seem to be such a big deal to me. I mean the whole group 4 project I found mine rather relaxing and interesting.
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    we didnt [ACTUALLY] spend the entire 2 months working on the G4. yeah about a total of 15 hours i suppose. prolly less than that.
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    were investigating a typical saturday nigth meal in italy: pizza and beer hihi
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    what exactly are you doing with that?
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    well im in the "pizza section" for biology we're gonna make different pizzas and see if it's a full meal by measuring the nutrients and stuff in the different ingredients. and then for chemistry i am measuring the volume of the dough by using different yeasts and temperature...but its not finalized yet...sooo...were gonna present the project to the whole school (which is very small) in may...but were starting the "experiment" this friday
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    sounds good [yummy] to me. i wish i woulda figured out sumthin that creative ;]
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    hey i dont' know wut topic i should choose for the Group 4, its a bit annoying, and the teachers don't want to help at all, but the worst thing is that i have to do 30 hours instead of 15 because i take 2 sciences


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