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Business Management: Internal Assessment

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    anyone.. can you give me any idea, input, suggestion, advise, on doing the IA of Business Management?

    i am currently thinking about how one particular airline treat customers for achieving their satisfaction? is the topic relevant and narrow enough?

    thanks guy, anything will be appreciated. i am totally lost here.
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    Are yo* doing the SL or the HL internal assesment? *mm idk it is q*iet narrow
    b*t the thing is * m*st *over the whole topi* before * begin this proje*t. For example what are yo* gonna write on the finan*e part of it??? This topi* is perfe*t for Marketing. Yo* *an write abo*t se*ondary resear*h, personal interviews, primary resear*h, main obje*tives....et*... so if its SL then this topi* is fine (i think so). B*t not so s*re if this topi* is good for HL... hope this helps....i am not trying to be mean....j*st giving * s*ggestions....good l**k
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    no, it's ok. i totally appreciate your comments. thanks. it's really helpful anyway.

    well, unfortunately, i am in HL so, any suggestion for narrowing it, or making it more HL? hmmmm.. yuph, i'm doing it with the marketing topic. it is so far the only thing i am interested in Business Management.

    thanks again.
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    why not try it on marketing as well as finance....it depends on whether you have finished the portion of Finance. See like i said before, you should pick a topic that involves everything, starting from business ethics, organization, marketing, finance....or even human resource.. But if you think of marketing then its fine also....but try looking out for finance as well. Because i think this topic has to do more with hum resource....which is good.
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    what is a good IB business IA topic for the SL level? i need to turn in a proposal and i dont know what to do it on.. i was thinking starbucks but i dont know what about it
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    hey i just started my IA, im on my 2nd draft. and i'm doing starbucks..
    so if you need help or anything, we can talk about it?
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    I believe many of you are confusing IA with EE. The EE can be 100% secondary research with no primary, but the Business IA must have primary research.

    The best way to conduct your IA would be to analyse a specific thing in the business/company that your parents own/work for.

    For example, should company X buy a new photocopy machine? It's very small topic (good for the 1,500/2,000 word limit) and you can use business organization and finance. You can also gain primary research by looking at the company's reports
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    Does anyone know where I can find examples of good business IAs. Please let me know. I am so confused!!
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    ya man....plz...i am also confused like hell.!!!
    can some one..plz show an example....plZ...
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    My teacher gave me two examples, but they are hard copies, not on line sorry. What do you need help with?
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    (Original post by G O D I V A)
    I believe many of you are confusing IA with EE. The EE can be 100% secondary research with no primary, but the Business IA must have primary research.
    For SL, you do NOT need primary research. This is new in the 2009 syllabus and criteria. On the other hand, for HL, you DO need primary research.
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    Hey Guys!
    My research question is ' Should Emaar (a real estate company) Go Ahead With Their Proposed Expansion Into Libya '
    Could someone pls reply telling me if this is a suitable and good question for my Business HL IA.

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    (Original post by Crishan703)
    Hey Guys!
    My research question is ' Should Emaar (a real estate company) Go Ahead With Their Proposed Expansion Into Libya '
    Could someone pls reply telling me if this is a suitable and good question for my Business HL IA.

    It sounds ok. the go ahead really means you're just evaluating what they've done to decide to expand. Maybe change it to: should Emaar expand into Libya. If you can get primary research like interview people in the business and get finance stuff that would be great.
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    ok thx!
    yea i'll try and get some primary research if i can, however if i am unable would it have a drastic affect on my grade? would i still be able to get a 4 or even a 5 if i dont have primary research?
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    I do HL and my exam is in 2009. I know for my IA, my teacher said there were specific marks for primary research. I.e. if you didnt have primary research you would lose marks.

    Maybe it has changed for 2010 session, idk, but its always best to have both types
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    I have a huge problem with my internal assesment, our teacher just gave us the syllabus and was like "do it". He also said that it was supposed to be mainly research, and only now did I realize that Im supposed to write the majority of the report as an action plan for the company, which he never stated. He also never explained that it had to be primarty research, give us ANY time in class to work on it and for every meeting we were supposed to have he has not shown up. Ive talked to the principle but he says theres nothing he can do about it.
    My report is a market analysis for an IT company, ReadSoft, and how they could cut down on expansion. Most of the report is based on things like PEST alanysis the different global market areas etc. Can my report include analysis as such or will I loose marks on this?? Specially since my actual suggestion of how the company should go about the issue is not until the conclusion.
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    I don't really understand it either; my teacher just gave me back my paper and was like "Be more focused!" but she didn't specify focus on which topic, and she changed my original topic question but I don't think its supposed to be a Yes/No question since it doesn't allow for recommendations!
    Does anyone have or know where I can find an example of a GOOD Biz IA? I can base what I need to write off that...thank you!

    To Maja: you're supposed to have analysis in your report, and leave recommendations til the conclusion -- so you have it right!
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    It is good to have a yes/no question. Then the recommendations will be to either invest or not invest if it is that kind of question. In the recommendations you can also say that ou recommend them to do more research, find out more about the market etc.

    I have lots of good business internals but they're all hard copies, sorry :/
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    ohh thanks! i already turned in my IA though, i changed it so it would allow for recommendations for promotion...still don't think i did it completely right, but hope for the best :/
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    Does the Business and Management IA have to include a lot of primary research? I have included one questionnaire, and analyzed the results of that.
    But I have used mainly secondary data like market reports, and stuff like that. Will I lose a lot of marks for using mostly secondary data?
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