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The "eggz r k00l" Society

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Had your SQA results? Find your uni forum to get talking to other applicants, existing students and your future course-mates 04-08-2015
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  1. Offline

    This is a place where I’m going to dump all the off topic junk you create in future, you’ll be able to read what people and continue your discussion in the (other) off topic thread if you feel it necessary. This means I can remove it from threads without deleting it entirely or messing up the MUN Society thread.

    If you are confused by the title it's a joke at the expense of former SG Nightowl the older members will understand.

    Posts in here do not contribute to your postcount.
  2. Offline

    Well, that's a damn fine way to combat cliqueyness if ever I saw one.
  3. Offline

    Just what I thought. :p:
  4. Offline

    Well, it's not like it's going to do any real damage. It's not like we wouldn't explain it to anyone who asked.

    Oh, the abuse of power that comes from posting in locked threads.
  5. Offline

    (Original post by Agent Smith)
    Well, it's not like it's going to do any real damage. It's not like we wouldn't explain it to anyone who asked.

    Oh, the abuse of power that comes from posting in locked threads.
    It's good isn't it *mocks the people that can't post here*
  6. Offline

    It's like the Security Council only more so. But enough of this gay banter. People will complain.
  7. Offline

    But they can't post here, so they can't complain
  8. Offline

    (Original post by Juno)
    But they can't post here, so they can't complain
    A good point but I'm sure inventive use of other threads will ruin things. Still I guess because the mods are all power hungry despots we can just close them. :p:
  9. Offline

    I'm not hungry. I'm rather full actually
  10. Offline

    I had far too much power over Christmas, I certainly don't want any more for a few weeks, until I've worked it off again.
  11. Offline

    Go and ban people. That might help
  12. Offline

    Yes indeed. Starting with this jumped-up little Model UN minimod who is clearly abusing his powers.
  13. Offline

    After that, you could ban Mark
  14. Offline

  15. Offline

    You don't know Mark?! I'll have to ban you then
  16. Offline

    I... may know Mark. I'm not great with TSR first names.
  17. Offline

    My fiance
  18. Offline

    Hugely belated congratulations, then! See, this is what comes of not spending enough time in the Subs forum. The number of TSR people I know in RL I think I can count on the fingers of one hand. Possibly of a seven-fingered mutant.
  19. Offline

    We've been engaged for over a year, and going out for longer, so you're only a tiny bit slow
  20. Offline

    Well if we're still banning each other I guess I'll have to ban Juno for spamming up the MUN when not a member. :cool:
Updated: August 1, 2011
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