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How many hours do you spend on IB homework?

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    Has anyone pulled all-nighters?? It seems like a lot of people do. I wonder how it's like in other countries....
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    I usually stay up until 1:30 am doing homework and a few hours later for very important projects. I don't think I can last long enough to pull an all-nighter ... never mind going through the day ...
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    I've heard from international students that the homework load we get here in Australia is nothing compared to what you get elsewhere in the world. For Year 11, homework usually took less than two hours a night; sometimes I didn't have any at all. I'd say I'll get a bit more this year though, being in my final year and all. :rolleyes:

    And I have never pulled an all nighter. I have never found that any homework was important enough to warrant missing a night's sleep. Having said that, I actually pulled an all nighter last night to watch a Friends marathon on TV.... I think I need to sort out my priorities.
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    Silver, I think perhaps your question should be re-worded. In the case of a lot of IB homework it is not a case of hours, but of days!

    Albeit that depends what homework you are refering to but I know I have spent days doing some work.

    I have pulled many all-nighters, but often they are not spent very efficiently because once it gets late staying focused is very difficult. I don't recommend it anyway.
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    all nighter? u kraaaaaazy?

    the only all nighter i ever do is watchng moooovies. and thats it.

    hmwk this year for me took 20min a day tops...but i WAS doing igcses....ib should b harder
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    I've never stayed up a night either, you don't really need it if you begin working with the homework a couple of days before deadline. It's really important to plan your working. If you can't do that, then you'll have late nights
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    A few hours a day, I'd say...
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    no. never pulled an all nighter.

    sometimes when procrastination gets the better of me, or when i'm cramming for term exams, i only get about 3 hours of sleep--but most of the time, the work doesn't take that long.
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    well depends on what home work you're referring to. I don't have a basic schedual for home work, it's hectic one day I'm full the next I have so much spare time I go mental.

    the average lab report would take me no more than 5 hours. sealed and sent.
    math home work last year took me about 4 hours each (about 60 equations to simplify of 20-35 pp queations) but that was the higher days, I do about 20-30 minutes mathe home work a week now hehe
    english A takes me a couple of hours a week (not more than 2) that's just because I love the subject, and I don't consider writing an essay to be home work... or reading a book, they're more of entertainment (yes I'm weird like that) except for their eyes were watching God that was simply mundane.
    umm what else do I have well IH home work is non exsitant since I'm going to read the material only before the external and manage a 6.
    chem home work is a whole junk load. but this is all because my school is very "active" abotu giving out home works, they think the more pp we do the better we'll get. It is true, but when you've finished every pp on every year possible in math in ur first semester in ur 2nd year it gets ridiculous. I don't have any more to do before the external:eek:
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    i get home around 5.30 and usually before 1 i am never done with all hmk...

    i have been up untill 4 or so many times..also cos i find i can conectare much better then and in the moriing i am much more awake..only that after a few nights liek this i can hardly stay awake during the day!
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    I average 6 hours a night. I've pulled quite a few all-nighters as well, and I'm not that much of a procrastinator. My homework does vary a lot though. Some nights I'll end up with only 30 minutes, and others I'll have 8 hours. I think the majority of my homework comes from Pre-Calculus and Geography.
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    Homework? I spend as little time as possible if any at all.

    Coursework? I pull all-nighters ALL the time.
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    So no science hand outs(what ever science you take), math equations, history reading material, english/other language reading material for you dan?
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    Well.. it obviously depends... my high'school was really weird so they pushed us to deliver ib's hws almost at the top limit date.. but they gave us the works really late.. so it's horrible.! i hav spent almost 4 days.. with out sleeping.. with som pals... the trick 4 achivieving it is being at night almost ready for going to sleep and watch a short clip of ghosts.! lol.. that scares u so hard that u don't even want 2 sleep.. try it it helped me..it helPs! coz u'll nid to do all night... when neccesary for achieveing good grades
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    I find that it really comes in waves. Sometimes I will be doing nothing, and then at other times I'll be staying up until 1 finishing everything. Right now, I'm heading into a fairly busy week. I have to get the ball rolling on my Historical Investigation and on my Research Commission for Theatre, and then this friday I have an exam lab for physics and a World Lit Paper 1 rough draft due. Right now I'm not doing much, but I know I'll be staying up late on Wednesday and Thursday night.

    I don't find so much that I'm a procrastinator, but more that the pressure helps me write better. I just can't start right now... I don't know why.

    I'd say I have about an hour of homework at the bottom of the wave, 3 hours in the middle, and 6 hours when I'm at the top of the wave.
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    I have suffered three IB-induced all-nighters so far.

    Tonight is looking more and more like the fourth...
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    i've never had an all-nighter.
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    In my IB days (weird to say, but I actually miss them - they made me feel like part of a big club where we all supported each other), I never pulled an all-nighter. Most I spent was maybe about 9 hours on homework - this was on a Sunday, and because I had a Maths HL portfolio due.

    Now in A-levels (not that anyone cares, but I'll share anyway) I'm spending a lot more time; however, I don't think that that's due to A-levels being harder (I repeat, the way they ask questions makes me feel that they think I'm stupid), but because my school is like manic about giving past papers to do - I did about 16 C2 papers over the Xmas holidays...they were such a joke though. After being in HL II, Maths A-level is like...:cool: Better not say too much though - Pride comes before a fall...or so they say...
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    I have all nightersw, but only for stuff like IAs, coursework EE etcs.
    regular "homework" i jkust don't do. It's not necessary. Especially not in yr 13 when there are far more important things to be focussing on.
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    I've pulled about two all nighters in my 2 years of full IB. The only reason I had to do that was because I had 3 tests and an IA due both times...I don't spend more than 2 hours on homework so its not that bad.


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