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    You can use more than 1 PC yeah, just input the team and your ID onto each one.
    A P4 2.8 should get though a fair few WU's; all of mine are coming from a lowly AMD64 3000+ which happens to be on 24/7 downstairs anyway.
    I wouldn't run it on a laptop though, it generates more heat that standard operation and may damage/break the laptop.
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    Like what? :-p

    I think i might have to find some renewable energy sources and fire up the old servers...
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    How long is average for a work unit? How can I configure the software to make good use of all 4 cores?
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    FAHmon doesnt seem to like that setup... how can I configure it to monitor the progress of each core?

    Also, how can I configure my PC to monitor my friend's PC over the internet?
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    ? has the idea been abandoned? I've asked a couple of questions which I'd like to know the answers to pleeaseeee...
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    Fahmon isn't monitoring all 4 cores which are running from the command line... maybe I should delete everything and start afresh with some new instructions?
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    Also, when do we get the next update? Could I also ask how long it takes other to crunch a full unit...
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    That depends on the unit and your computer.
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    No, Fahmon doesn't detect them or allow me to add the files (it asks for text files?). This is on windows XP pro

    Also, I meant how long does it take others to crunch a WU regardless of how powerful the machine is or what OS you're running...
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    I might have to start utilising both cores soon (though not constantly)...just got it using one 24/7 atm

    I could always overwrite the University lab screensavers, but it might lead back to me if they're configured for 'kam' :p:
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    There are ways around of course (especially if you're doing a networking course and know how to get into your admins machine).

    It would be a bit silly messing around with anything though...I'll just get a few virtual machines running for a day and see how well they operate (on my friends account) :p:

    EDIT: It's for a good cause. May as well use up the idle CPU time somehow! I'll give you rep (tomorrow) for reviving the team
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    What's your user ID, Jaffaholic? I'm presuminy you're ghost101... what kind of machines do you have folding, and how long do you leave them on?

    I can't leave all of my PCs on because I'm paying for electricity :-(
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    I'm amazed I got any this week; the server was rebuilding its RAID5 for 3 days :p:
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    Which version of VMware? I don;t think I'd be able to with VMware player...

    How did you manage to get the Ubuntu to run with a full gui (if thats what you did)?
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    Oh, and what kind of a server is it, PieMaster?
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    (Original post by motoroller)
    Oh, and what kind of a server is it, PieMaster?
    Just a glorified XP MCE box (3000+ AMD64, 1Gb) connected a TV downstairs with 8 HDD's RAID5'd up so people can get stuff off it.
    One of my housemates thinks Maxtors are gods gift to computing, so it was offline for 3 days while it rebuilt onto a Western Digital. Its nearly full now too (only 1Tb) so its moving into the outhouse in the summer and having 2-3Tb of new disks put in it, and a SFF PC is appearing for the TV.
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    (Original post by motoroller)
    Which version of VMware? I don;t think I'd be able to with VMware player...

    How did you manage to get the Ubuntu to run with a full gui (if thats what you did)?
    Vmware server is needed for dual core support. Its free to download and you register to get a free serial.

    Ubuntu runs just as it would natively and looks exactly the same. The only problems is that there is slowdown when anything demands graphics (which doesnt matter for [email protected]). Remember to have lots of RAM (2GB+) and remember that youll need an ISO image of ubuntu 6.10 64 bit. Then you simply create a local host give it a resonable amount of hard disk space and 512megs of RAM.

    To install [email protected] console clients on linux is also complicated. If you get that far ill post how to do it.
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    Joined big man!
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    (Original post by wesetters)
    You're trying to guess the structure of a hugely complicated protein at random.
    Given that this project allegedly has scientists at the helm they should know that such an endeavour would be futile. I can only conclude that despite appearances that isn't what the program is doing.
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    I've applied for the VMware licence... the maximum number of points for a work unit that I can find is 472.
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