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The Warwick Accommodation Thread (+Guide in Post#1)

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    I know Warwick give out rooms to First and final year undergrads and postgrads, but do many undergrad's actually apply to Lakeside?
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    One of my friends is at Lakeside. It's VERY nice.. very big rooms, ensuite etc. However it's mainly international students who go there, who I've found tend to group together a bit. Plus it's 10- 15 minutes away from central campus.
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    (Original post by Seema135)
    I know Warwick give out rooms to First and final year undergrads and postgrads, but do many undergrad's actually apply to Lakeside?
    i was wondering that too. i'm really interested in lakeside, it looks so nice! anyone have any more info on it?

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    I notice you haven't added my Arthur Vick contribution to the canon. I can't say that doesn't offend me.
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    sorry Liam, but its not THAT useful a guide I'm afraid. People change each year, and almost all cleaners are ***** :p:
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    Whitefields (- castroneves)

    - Very close to costcutter, union, rootes social, arts centre
    - Pritty Sociable on the whole
    - 'family' type sprit between housemates you are unlikely to find in other halls
    - Its cheap at 60 a week
    - Rooms are a decent size
    - the pressure on the shower is immense, atleast downstairs
    - 39 week let so your not thrown out straight away after the end of term party

    -12 people to 1 fridge gets packed
    - decor could be better
    - If you dont get on with your housemates it would be hell unlike any other hall
    - Noise from the cooler until 2 am
    - Constant humm of the extractor fan from battered
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    Thanks guys this is some really good info.
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    I really like the sound of Westwood (if I get an offer from Warwick) but does anyone know how pricey it is compared to the other accomodation? How much is it per week and is it a good deal?
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    Don't choose Westwood. Trust me, you are not going to enjoy the trek on your first year.
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    This bit of the Warwick website gives you an overview of the accommodation available and how much they cost per week

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    I would hate to live at Westwood cuz it's so far. Saying that, I know people in one of the halls & the atmosphere is great there (I also know one which is really crap). The rooms are big too.

    PS - Can't believe JM and AV are gonna be over £100 per week next year!
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    For the very first week I lived in Westwood as my Whitefields room was not ready due to a heating faluire. All I can say is ive enjoyed my time in whitefields one hell of a lot more than that week spent in westwood, especially with the walk. Very few had westwood as one of their choises, or atleast of those ive spoken to and its not without reason.

    Also the prices rises next year seem a touch extortionate. Around a 10% increse on what looks like all residences.
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    yep they are very expensive this year compared to what you have got

    has anyone lived in cryfields? i like the look of that
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    (Original post by ZanyZanny)
    yep they are very expensive this year compared to what you have got

    has anyone lived in cryfields? i like the look of that
    i like the look of cryfields too..any info guys?

    preferences at the moment: arthur vicks, rootes and cryfield/whitefields
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    (Original post by Liam The Eagle)
    I notice you haven't added my Arthur Vick contribution to the canon. I can't say that doesn't offend me.
    I haven't seen you at the SU in ****ing years. where the hell are you!?
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    Sigh.... cryfields? Christ, if people are wanting to live in Cryfields/Westwood- something went wrong with this guide.

    In order from best to worst (in terms of money/value)

    1. Whitefields
    2. Rootes
    3. Jack Martin (Moves down with the $ increase)
    4. Claycroft
    5. Benefactors
    6. Cryfields
    7. Arthur Vick
    8. Lakeside (Too far away)
    9. Westwood (Too far away)
    10. Herst

    I've just about visited every accomodation, and really think Whitefields is great for its money- its just a risk in terms of people, but every accomodation is going to have that as well. Rootes really isnt too bad, people are very very sociable. Jack Martin isn't as nice as Arthur Vick, but JM people tend to go out more- plus you dont get the negative rep that AV people tend to have. The first 3, and Benefactors are in prime locations around campus. Claycroft isnt too bad as well, Tescos is literally up the road.
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    I think JM will be my first choice. On the open day one of the students said she had to answer a few questions for accomodation, was that for who she was with? Or which of the listed ones she got?
    Anyone remember what kind of questions?
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    my 3 applications were Rootes, Whitefields and Cryfield, in that order. But don't listen to Wizardtb, you cant just say dont live in westwood at all. I'm having a great time here. the people are awesome and really sociable - if you make an effort (doesn't sound like he does)... plus, the "oh its such a loong walk back home for me" has got me staying at rootes on more than one occasion.. :p: westwood as a chat-up line, whatever next!
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    Whatever, I'm not saying Westwood isnt a nice place to live, I'm not saying Arthur Vick isnt a nice place to live, its just not the best place to live- and it shouldnt be the first, second, or third choice when there are so many other better options. And the walk is a ***** when you have lectures at random times through out the day... its not like other accomodations where you can just pop in back home for a quick nap. Really though, the best thing about getting an accomodation like Rootes or Jack Martin- is that you can easily befriend people from other accomodations and just pop in to visit them since they literally live next door. I've got loads of friends from Benefactors and Arthur Vick.

    Even the campus map does not have Westwood on it.

    Even if you use Google Earth, you still cannot find Westwood
    (You can see every single other accomodation... even Lakeside.

    Now, you have to zoom out more to find Westwood:

    You should use this to give an idea about distances/in terms of accomodations... realise that at the end of the road leading up from Claycroft is Tescos as well- so use that as a factor...
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    I still think thats an unfair comparison. The edge of westwood is on the first photo, opposite university house. It is a way out, but it only takes about 15mins to walk to campus. And most people spend between-lecture time with course friends anyway, not diving back and hiding in your accomodation. Its up to you if you're too lazy for a 15 min walk. And its right next to tesco. literally.

    The only time you feel it is after a union event, and its cold and raining. like last night. the walk really sucks then.


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