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What is considered low household income for the Childcare grant?

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    A friend of mine is starting a full time degree in September and will have a young baby. She is married, but her husband works full time, so they will need to use childcare for the baby. She is convinced that he earns too much (£15,000) to get the childcare grant.

    On the finance factsheet thing here, it says
    Childcare Grant
    For students with dependent children.How much help you get will depend on your
    income and that of your dependants.
    Does her husband count as a dependant?
    And does anyone know what the low income threshold is for this grant? I know it's 17,500 for normal student finance, but I can't seem to find it for this.
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    I believe the cut off is £19,000. Also if they provide proof of outgoings such as mortgage or rent, buildings & contents insurance, council tax and life insurance, these are taken off the partner's income. Also, when asked to estimate the partner's income for the coming year, it is income after tax and NI contributions have been taken off.
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    great, thanks. Do you know where I can find something official saying what you have just told me? I would like to give some definite info about this to my friend, but can't seem to find anything.
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    Not entirely sure. It should be on the student finance direct website or DFES. The childcare grant is up to 85% of the actual cost of childcare and depends on the household income. Income of dependents would be children's income, but they aren't likely to have any. Tax credits & child benefit aren't taken into consideration, although the amounts are asked for. It will also depend how many children there are, and how much the childcare is. The childcare grant is quite complicated to work out.
    I found this
    64. Some students with a partner in receipt of income may still receive a childcare grant but this depends upon the number of dependent children, the cost of the childcare, and the number of weeks that the childcare is used, as well as the level of the income of the partner (if treated as a dependant under regulation 45(1)).
    65. The following table gives the income threshold under the dependants’ grant means test for receiving £1 of childcare grant for students with a partner who has an income. The calculation is based on the assumption that the student is incurring the maximum childcare costs and using registered or approved childcare for 52 weeks. For students with lower childcare costs, and those using childcare for part of the year, a separate calculation should be carried out.
    Number of dependent children Maximum level of partner’s income
    One child £13,274 per annum
    Two children £19,849 per annum

    It should be noted that the maximum levels of income given above would in both cases pay £1 of childcare grant and the full PLA of £1,400. Income that exceeds the maximum levels given above reduces the amount of PLA £ for £.
    But the levels of partners income are, as I mentioned previously, after expenses and tax and NI.
    The childcare has to be registered (usually with OFSTED). For 1 child cannot exceed £175 per week, and for 2 children no more than £300.

    I hope that's helpful. If there's anything else you need to know, let me know.
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    Also, when she actually applies to the LEA, they will send her a childcare pack which will contain everything she needs to know and will give a lot more details than I could give you here. I could get a copy of this year's, but since it changes every year, it may not be entirely relevant.
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    My husband and I have a combined income of just less then 10k and 3 children one of them requires afull time nursery place yet they have said we earn to much? Help


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Updated: September 16, 2013
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