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How much you'd spend on a haircut?

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    I was looking at Richard Ward and if I got my hair cut there by the right sort of stylist (like not a trainee or a graduate stylist) then it would cost me at least £70.
    To me this seemed fairly reasonable considering the results he's achieved on some people's hair. However my Father was absolutely shocked to the core at the thought of me spending that much on a hair cut.
    So anyone who has more of a clue than me when it comes to hair dressers, will a hair cut ever be worth that much. I.e. will I get results that are exactly the same if I spent, say, £40.
    I mean I'm just wondering what the upper limit is for what they realistically can achieve, can they only do so much to my hair no matter how much I spend?
    Sorry for the jumbled and incoherent post hope in makes sense!!
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    about £25 with a blow dry at the local hair dressers lol
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    For just a cut I'd say £30-£40 was the limit, the kind of money you'd spend in Toni & Guy or Francesco. In my opinion nearer the £100 mark is kind of only acceptable when theres colour involved as it can be very time consuming if you have multiple colours, highlights, lowlights etc. For a cut however I'm thinking no, only so much can be done.
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    nothing, my mums a hairdresser
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    £5 usually. £7 max. but then im a male.
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    id spend upto £50-80 for them just to get it right.
    however being the average male i just give em like £10 and they do it all wrong.
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    nothing above 30!
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    I spend about £75 getting mine cut and highlighted, or about £40 on a cut and blowdry but that's not by a well-known hairdressers. I'd expect to pay more at Toni & Guy/Richard Ward etc, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'd do a better job. As it's been said above, there's only so much that an experienced hairdresser can do with your hairr regardless of what they're being paid.
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    Christ, either you guys have money to burn or I'm tight fisted. I think spending £17 (about the lowest for a basic cut round here) is a tad extortionate!
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    (Original post by Bex.)
    Christ, either you guys have money to burn or I'm tight fisted. I think spending £17 (about the lowest for a basic cut round here) is a tad extortionate!
    I think some people like paying a little extra for the perks of a nice salon like the new equipment and chairs (Toni & Guy have massaging chairs!), products and customer service. At Francesco for example you can go for a free fringe trim whenever you need it. It's like the whole experience I guess!
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    Yeah I normally spend a tenner, but I cant remember the last time I was actually pleased with my haircut.
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    ........now where are my testicles
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    I spend about £25 on a wet cut and i wouldn't spend more than £30. I'm happy with how my local hiardressers cut my hair. And they don't have massaging chairs, but they know me personally which i think is worth a lot more. Also helping out a little local business is nice. I don't think i'd ever go to Toni and Guy etc - i don't really see the difference, apart from in the price. I would only pay those kinds of prices if i was having a complicated colour. xx
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    My usual hairdresser is pretty extortionate imo ... £55 for a haircut is too much!

    Since I've been going to the same place for years, what I tend to do is get a good quality colour (still pretty steep at £60) and then after it's been washed my normal hairdresser gives it a trim for no extra cost.

    If I hadn't been going there for so long and wasn't so happy with the end result there's no way I'd normally spend that much. Hair is hair, it grows out and it never looks the same as it does when the hairdresser has just finished (not my hair anyway).
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    £15 at my local salon. it's top tho, cus it's like a white version of 'the barbershop', except in a salon. it's small and personal and the stylists are jokes! u go in there and they treat u like a mate even on ur first visit, inviting u to parties etc.

    and they can cut hair well and do all the fancy treatments. i'm happy and i've tried everywhere!
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    I pay £25 for cut/blowdry/finish.... I've paid more and I've paid less... but stick to my hairdresser now since he does an amazing job and knows exactly what I want.

    He also always remembers me personally when I go in and whenever I see him elsewhere, so thats quite nice.
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    £28 cut/dry/finish, I give £30 and tel my hairdresser to keep the change =) I've payed a lot less, but I know my hairdresser, and she knows exactly what I want. Besides what more fun can you have when you talk about the first time you went in there for a cut, told them that you will need a longer slot than normal because you have a lot of hair, her saying, nah you'll be fine! Come in for hair cut..3 hours later..you were right..you do have a lot of hair dont you?

    thinking about it...my haircuts now cost less than when I had my hair styled for my prom...
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    70 quid for a cut with no colour? No treatment?

    A bit steep.
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    I wouldn't spend more then £10, unless it was for a really important date...where I'd go as far as £20
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    two colours, cut and blow dry....£40! Experianced hairdresser who is VERY good. I love her!


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