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Missed UCAS deadline, advice?

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    As above really, originally applied for uni couple years back, did the 1st year, didn't work out so now taking another gap year and applying for sept 07!

    However for whatever reason I had it in my head that the deadline wasn't until feb/march time, possibly because I've been out of the loop for a while, only just found out the deadline was the 15th :-(

    Anyway the uni Im applying to isn't oxbridge class, they want about 300 points to get in, and I noticed on the UCAS site it does say 'advisory' deadline, so anyone had any experience with applying after this date? How badly is this going to effect my chances?
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    Im not much help because i don't know. Im not sure Ucas will take applications after this date though i couldbe wrong. Guess there's no harm in trying.
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    I may be wrong, but I think any applications before the deadline will be considered equally, but after the deadline, your chances of getting in will be slightly lower.
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    I think that you should still go ahead and apply. what UCAS said is that anyone that applies after will not be treated equally as someone that applied before the 15th, but your application will still get a look in so go for it.
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    Yep - the 15th of January is deadline for *guaranteed* equal consideration. So is you apply after the deadline, universities are not obliged to give your application equal consideration as those which were received before the deadline.

    As the others said though, that's not to say that you'll definitely be at a disadvantage - it probably depends on the popularity of the course you're looking at.

    I say go for it - there's nothing to lose by trying. Good luck!
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    You should call the uni before applying to check that they will still consider your application.
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    (Original post by ol3)
    You should call the uni before applying to check that they will still consider your application.
    :ditto: Otherwise you might waste a choice. If you apply soon and the course isn't overly popular, you should still have a chance.
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    Just contacted the university who said it was still ok for me to apply


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Updated: January 17, 2007
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