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Cornwall Campus?

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    (Original post by blablabla)
    Hi Matt,

    thanks a lot! The course sounds amazing! I have some more questions though if you dont mind
    how much maths and physics do you have? or how mathematical or physical are the modules (I've had a quick look at the list..)
    I like these subjects and all my offers are actually for maths and physics..but then I noticed the renewable energy course on extra and thought it would be great to actually study something that is so useful!
    Can i ask you why you chose it? and what your alternatives were?

    Also, how is it to live in such a small campus? Is the atmosphere good etc..
    and since your classes are relatively small, is it easy to get to know people?
    Do you have small group tutorials?

    sorry, that was alot of questions
    thank you for your time!


    Firstly I have maths and physics A Levels, and I find this useful, but many people previously only had GCSE levels in these subjects but have caught up.
    I chose it basically because I had no other idea what I was going to do and I liked the course idea, thought it would give me a good chance of getting a job in the future and was impressed so much on an open day. My alternatives were Renewable Energy elsewhere, as well as geography and environmental management type courses. However chose this particular location/course as it appeared so good on the open days I came to, and I haven't regretted the decision.
    It is surprising good living on such a small campus as it means that people quickly make mates. A further advantage is because we share the campus and halls with Falmouth College of Arts it gives a good chance to meet people doing completely different courses. The atmosphere is really good, and all the people seem to get on with one another. And of course next year there will be about twice as many students on campus as many new courses are starting. One useful thing is the fact that the flats are mixed, so that you end up sharing with people from many different courses, so that you get a group of friends from the course, and a different group from the flat.
    I get on really well with all the people on my course. As already mentioned went on a trip to France and for this we were split into groups of about 4 for sharing rooms etc and I wouldn't have cared who I ended up with. In addition I often socialise with my mates off of my course and we even have our own little group thingy (ARSE - Association of Renewable Students Executive) and this was set up by us this year. Am moving in next year with one person off my course, as well as people off of several other courses, who I get on well with, and I think this makes it better.
    We do have small group tutorials, and these have about 10 people max in them. However these are basically to help with any problems, so sometimes no-one turns up. We also have one to one sessions with our tutors, and as has been mentioned, the academics are always available, either in person or through email/phone, should you need them.
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    To Mona aswell - if you wanted to have a look at the campus befire applying or making a final decision - you can ring and arrange a personal tour
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    thanks! (both to matt and Anna)
    I really like the sound og the place and the course! So i contacted the admissions tutor and he unofficially offered me a place I'll hopefully be able to visit at the beginning of may and after that i'll make a decision!
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    ooh well done!
    Dont forget to ring and tell them your coming as then youll get a tour guide to show you round!
    Good luck in your exams!!
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    hi. i think i'm a bit late on this thread, but i'm going to Cornwall (English and History), yaay, can't wait.

    Have visited and it seems fab, I can't wait until the summer

    Just a quick q though - has anybody got any info about accommodation etc? Cos as far as I know I haven't had a letter about it, and i can't find anything about applying on the website...


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    From what i remember i worried about nothing arriving for ages! Just takes a lil while! If your really worried ring Tremough Campus services - you should be able to find the number if you just google it!

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    Hey anna,
    jus a few questions to ask!!im comin to the cornwall campus in september if i get 3 b's which shud b ok!i gt the offer of a CSM scholarship aswel which will help things along, but what are living costs like down there? im originally cornish, so its great to be moving back down ther, and ive visited a couple of times, and im very impressed with the facilities, and especially the accomodation!
    any help wud b gr8!
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    what do you mean by living costs??
    Im guessing you know how much the halls of residence are - i think its around £92 a week for your year...

    if you could ask prices of more specific things ill be happy to help!!
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    Ah rite sorry! i have the rent costs that were sent through to me, but how much do u tend to budget for food and socialising, how far does ur money get u in falmouth!!haha
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    £92 a week for cornwall?!?!?!? cor blimey!!! 4 years ago I paid £50 a week to stay in halls in the centre of exeter. how things change....
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    Yeh I no tell me bout it!! haha i fink the prices are slightly above the average, but by looking at the rooms u definetly pay for whaty you get! i fink it was something like £86 a week (dont quote me on that) in southampton which were really bad in comparison! The rooms in cornwall are really nice tho from what ive seen of them.
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    but still, cornwall isnt exactly london in terms of expenses, but for a similar price you could stay in london halls. madness.

    i guess at the end of the day, if you don't really care about money then staying in nice new halls in a gorgeous part of the country isnt too bad!
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    I see what u mean bout london prices, in the end i would much prefer to be in cornwall rather than london, guess it's jus a matter of taste! and i gt my parents to pay for a large whack of the accomodation costs, so i cant exactly complain!:
    Whateva tho, im lookin forward to goin there, and should have a gd time!
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    hi, i was just wondering if anyone knows what the best mobile network is to be on in falmouth as i am looking to get a new phone before starting uni and i don't know if i'm going to need to change my network too, any help would be great, thanx. xxx
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    I got into Law LLB at Cornwall Campus, and went to visit it earlier this year. Everything looks new, and the accomodation looks pretty neat.

    I see it as best of both worlds. Excellent academic reputation alongside a laid back social experience.
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    (Original post by hungryhippos)
    hi, i was just wondering if anyone knows what the best mobile network is to be on in falmouth as i am looking to get a new phone before starting uni and i don't know if i'm going to need to change my network too, any help would be great, thanx. xxx
    I live in Cornwall, and most of the major networks work in most areas. Ie. Orange, 3, T-Mobile, Vodafone. All of those types of networks.

    The only places it's hard to get a signal are places like Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor really. Most other places have good coverage.
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    Does anyone know how the llb law course at cornwall is? i might be applying through clearing and so havent the time to go down and see for myself. Any help would be apprieciated cheers


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