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    What approach will you think will come up for approaches and gender, and what's a structure for the layout of essays help ???

    I'm thinking either biological or SLT:/
    Biological may be most likely because I've been looking at past papers and haven't seen biological up there since 2011:/
    Social learning theory I've seen once in 2011 but not since..
    Examiners seem to like cognitive approach D:
    Gender I'm not too sure! Perhaps cognitive.. Maybe psychodynamic but again I have no idea.

    I use this as a structure for the approaches:
    - Key assumptions
    - Detailed evaluation of the whole approach
    - Some sort of methodology
    - Evaluation of the methodology you have chosen
    - Application to therapy

    I use this as a structure for gender development :
    - Features of the explanation (for example with the biological explanation I would mention typical and atypical sex chromosomes (Turner's and Klinefeter's syndromes) and the effects of the atypical chromosomes (preferably psychological effects), genes etc.)
    - Evaluation of the explanation, possibly comparison with another explanation?
    - Provide evidence always! For example the case study of Bruce/Brenda
    - Evaluation of the evidence you have provided

    I hope I've helped and I hope you can make sense of this xD


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Updated: May 8, 2014
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