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List of over-paid jobs

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    (Original post by Carl)
    Call centre operator for GP Out of Hours. £6.10 to surf TSR and answer the odd phone call. I love it!

    I need in on that...

    Erm, how would you go about finding said job?
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    It's a secret, but if you were in Cardiff I'd PM you the details. We're not recruiting at the moment, however.
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    Ooh i have a friend in cardiff who's looking for a job ._.
    well, whenever a decent one is available :p:
    fellow TSRian and all :eek:
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    I don't think footballers are overpaid - because essentially its a free market and they are perfect exampels of that

    I do think public service workers should have limited wages tho - i.e MPs - if you wanan be an MP do it for the good of the people etc etc but don;t turn around and say you coulda made 200k in your old job - why not stick to your odl job then?

    Equally as mentioned NHS bosses and council bosses - our council boss gets paid £200,000 - and he recently made cutbacks that could have paid for about 15 new staff on his single wage - again his 'excuse' was that he should earn what other executives of large organisations earn but he earns way less - well why not **** off to a private company then? I am not saying they shouldn;t be paid well but something like 75k is more appropriate - not 200k. Certainly not when front line staff have to be sacked.
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    Like Thud said. Fat cats in the NHS. I say we get rid of them and those greedy dentists. Let's get those super smart geeks from India. Same quality but with a lower price and with a hilarious accent. Win win.

    (Original post by nukecow)
    people out of work living off, really
    The only people who are really make a living out of benefits are the fraudsters.
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    (Original post by Thud)
    directors of the NHS: nurses receive rubbish wages whilst the fat cats at the top are rolling in it.
    agreed, i know that from experiance of working for the NHS
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    So this is more about who doesn't get paid enough for jobs we feel are more important than kicking a ball around and wearing some Nike.
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    (Original post by Carl)
    It's a secret, but if you were in Cardiff I'd PM you the details. We're not recruiting at the moment, however.
    lol I can do better than that :p: £7.26 an hour taking incoming calls, no angry customers just putting info on a database. Time an half on saturdays too!
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    Where are you? Mine's incoming calls only too, but £7.26 is awesome. Maybe I should jump ship....
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    can any 1 say me how to find a job in primark

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    (Original post by Carl)
    Where are you? Mine's incoming calls only too, but £7.26 is awesome. Maybe I should jump ship....
    Swalec in Cardiff Gate :cool:
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    (Original post by abdul haque khan)
    can any 1 say me how to find a job in primark

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    that gr8 7.26 for an hour its really nice price.....incoming calls i love then ....can u help me in getting there :eek:
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    (Original post by sunday)
    Swalec in Cardiff Gate :cool:
    Cardiff Gate is far away. I live in Cathays and my job is in Riverside. It's a half hour walk as it is, more than far enough.
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    Ah yeah can see your point then, I can drive there so it's easy peasy £6.10 isn't bad either
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    (Original post by Cocaine Socialist)
    Our one doesn't get paid a penny.

    (Original post by Davey21)
    MPs!!! Their pay is ridiculously high, and their holiday days they get is a joke, too!!
    I'd argue for the reverse: less MPs, but higher salaries in order to attract vaguely skilled people to the posts. £55,000 is not a lot for supposedly skilled and professional people.
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    How can you say footballers are not overpaid? Where would be without teachers and nurses? Now, where would we be without footballers? What they do is unimportant and to pay them £100,000 a week, to (most of the time) play pretty badly, is criminal. That money could be used to let poor countries crawl out of debt, or to pay for researchers in labs to find cures for some horrible diseases. That would be far more worthwhile than it paying for some stuck up WAG to have lipo.
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    and yeah, MPs don;t get payed that much. Although they do get alot of expenses.
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    (Original post by nukecow)
    people out of work living off, really
    I can’t say I agree with you on this one
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    There are those who scrounge off benefits… but then there are those who genuinely can’t work (because they are ill or what ever) and so are in desperate need of money. It is too general to say “people”... plus, some don't get hardly any money. The thresh hold is generally lower than the lowest-paid worker...


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