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Crisps Cryptic Capital Cities Quiz Mk II!

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    Oh yes! Another round of 10 deceptively fiendish conundrums for you all to decipher

    (OK, so they're probably not that hard, but still)

    If you missed the first one (it was a while ago), the original thread is here (go to the last page to see the answers and how my clues work)

    I WILL give out nearly 200 points of Crispy goodness if you manage to get them all correct

    Answer via PM please (you may answer as many times as you wish) I will also keep you updates with your scores but don't expect a quick reply, especially as I may have quite a few to go through.

    I will set a deadline of ONE WEEK (that is, untill midnight on Wednesday 14th February), or, untill I get the first full setof correct answers.

    For the record, all cities used are taken from this list.

    Depending on how it goes I may give out continent clues in a few days time.

    Note that there may be more than one answer that fits the clue, I am only looking for one city per question.

    Good luck

    [Oh, and for the record, none of the cities in this quiz were used in the last one]

    The Questions.
    1. A college at Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham.
    2. A royal dock?
    3. To propel oneself in a boat
    4. This detective is often seen repeated on TV
    5. Pinning her down on the sea floor?
    6. Something was ripped up whilst moving quickly
    7. Sounds like a very early type of gun
    8. A colour
    9. A settlement fit for Royalty.
    10. We've all got one.
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    OK, an update, this isnt as hard as it looks! Trust me, there are peope out there with 8 s and 9s and just need the last couple. No-one has them all, and every question has been answered by someone (although no-one has the full set yet)

    Keep those PMs coming in!
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    Congratulations to GrooveMeister, the first person to get all 10 correct and as such be places upon my rep list

    There are TWO places still available, so keep guessing!
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    Yay! Thanks! I actually did enjoy your challenging yet fun competition. And may I just say that question seven was a tricky one At least I can now say that I'm not dumb when it comes to world geography afterall.:rofl:
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    Congratulations to Segat1, the second person to give me 10 correct answers! :party:

    One more place left, when that is filled I shall reveal all
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    Nooooooooooooo I'm nearly there!
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    Keep guessing then :p:
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    The quiz is now closed as I have received the third set of correct answers from Sazarina88!

    Answers will follow in due course.
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    Ok, the answers...

    1. A college at Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham. St. John's
    2. A royal dock? Port-au-Prince
    3. To propel oneself in a boat Rome {to propel in a boat = row + myself (me)}
    4. This detective is often seen repeated on TV Colombo
    5. Pinning her down on the sea floor? Ankara [Anchor-her]
    6. Something was ripped up whilst moving quickly Tehran [tear-ran]
    7. Sounds like a very early type of gun Muscat (Muskett)
    8. A colour Manila (Ok, some people have said that it isnt a colour, but I think it is :p:
    9. A settlement fot for Royalty. Kingston
    10. We've all got one. Seoul
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    Manilla can be defined as a colour too.

    Oh, I grew up in number eight. Yay!
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    Spell my username correctly please


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