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RBS Telephone Interview

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    Hi everyone!

    I have a telephone interview with Royal Bank of Scotland on Tuesday for the position of Customer Services Officer (basically, the first port of call for customers in a branch).

    Has anyone else had this experience and if so, do you have any words of wisdom to impart?!?

    I've been informed that it will be largely competency based, and that there will also be some maths questions! Can anyone tell me what form these numerical questions will take, or at least have an educated guess as to what they will be?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Similar to me, but mine was for a cashier role. I had my HSBC phone interview about 3/4 weeks ago. They mainly wanted to know about my customer service experience (and she wanted specific examples :eek: ).
    Here are some questions:
    'In what situation have you...'
    -Dealt with an aggressive customer. Following my answer by quoting me and asking me to explain what I meant with the selected words I had used.
    -Shown knowledge when advising the customer. What was the outcome of your advice.
    -Worked as a team, and shown initiative.

    I mainly got asked things like that. It was horrible, it really got me flustered . She didn't seem nice a tall, but I guess that's the way she carried out her interviews.
    Good luck with yours and I hope it leads to the next stage. Sorry I can't any give advice about the math questions though?
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    Wow, thanks. Some useful info there!

    Did you get the job?!?

    Canterbury is a wicked place to live by the way. You should go there!
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    Well i got through that stage somehow. Then i had the face-to-face interview which was so much more relaxed (but still quite formal). They made me feel really comfortable and luckily offered me the job there and then. That was nearly 2 weeks ago, i'm just waiting for my training and start dates now. (It taking a while for them to track down my references though.)
    Post back on how you get on!

    I haven't had a proper look round canterbury yet, I was hoping to on my interview day. At the moment Brighton is my first choice though.
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    hey, Im new to this forum,

    was wondering how you are finding your cashiers role? I have a interview shortly, and was also wondering what sort of questions you were asked.
    thanks in advance!!


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