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House Captain Speech

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    Hi y'all. do any of you have any tips or suggestions on how i should make my speech for house captaincy and what i should put in it? Your help is very much appreciated thanks.

    Are you already in the post or trying to get it?

    I commented that our house was crap and quite frankly it was embarassing. I am now House Captain. Not entirely sure how that works. As long as people know who you are and like you, you'll win. Point out how amazing you are at sports - do not mention that those achievements we pre-smoking and you now struggle to get to lessons at the top of the building in under 10 minutes. Do not sound like an idiot who will force participation; noone wants to be hauled into House Shout singing some long-forgotten tune in meagre falsetto. Oh, and it's far too much work as it is. Really, not an advisable position to gain. Wastes an enormous amount of my time anyway

    lol! - my speech was spontaneous - and said the usual cliches -- i shall do my best to improve the house and will increase sports events, and make sure that we have more facilities! :rolleyes: --------worked like a charm

    (Original post by RMRM)
    ...hauled into House Shout singing some long-forgotten tune in meagre falsetto.
    Ah the beauty that is the House Song Competition.

    Aww I miss the joys of inter-house rivalry! More like hate actually

    Really? I get shivers right down my spine at the very thought...

    I am head girl :p:

    ...very shocked as my speech ended

    'vote for the person you think would do the best job and best represent us, dont just vote for someone because they are popular and plastic!'

    I was either gonna be shot down or become the 6th 4rm hero!

    Luckily everyone found it funny, I think the other girls werent too impressed, it was hard to tell though as i cudnt see through thier make-up


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