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Find the network of a mobile number...

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    Is it possible to find out which mobile number belongs to a specific network? By any website/software?

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    i doubt it, but it could be possible. seems a bit far fetched, though.
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    Unlikely because you can transfer your number between networks
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    Not sure if theres a systematic way... a while ago you could kind of tell what numbers belonged to which network (Orange was usually 0784... or something I cant remember) but since then people have changed networks a lot and kept their old numbers. Hmmmmmmm......
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    You can tell orange number by the fact they give one long ring at the start, But sadly thats not diagnostic any more because 3 phones using the 2G orange network do this too. Boo Hoo. If you call it and it goes to voicemail though, and if you've called enough voicemails to know, you can tell which network it is from the sound of the woman who does it.

    Sad eh?

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    but if someone's changed their network it isn't updated..
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    There must be a website somewhere out there, where you can do this....
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    (Original post by s43)
    There must be a website somewhere out there, where you can do this....
    with all the phone prefixes linked to the networks? unlikely, as every network has many different prefixes.
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    (Original post by wesetters)
    I don't know if this works in the UK, but here you can tell from the beginning or the number - for example, my phone number starts 066, which means it's on the bouygues telecom network.

    nah that doesn't work here, all mobile numbers begin with 07and then have 3 other numbers, but the same network can have 3 different numbers there so it's impossible to tell who's on one network alone let alone compare them all.
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    Some tmobile prefixes I can remember are 07983, 07962 and 07852. Cant really tell for sure now though as people can move their number across networks.
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    Yeah, number porting has totally broken any ability to tell. ICSTIS' lookup says my number is Vodafone, but it's actually T-Mobile.
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    Provides no better info than ICSTIS' lookup...
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    It told me my number is on T-Mob. Wrong. I started on Vrigin (probably why it says T-Mob). Ive then been on Vodafone, O2 and now 3. (Voda coverage is woeful, by the way).
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    i'm on virgin and that says t-mobile.

    it fails.
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    (Original post by Minardi)
    If you call it and it goes to voicemail though, and if you've called enough voicemails to know, you can tell which network it is from the sound of the woman who does it.

    The orange one also says 'Welcome to the orange answer phone'

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    Not if someone records their own message . Then you just get the orange woman saying "please leave a message after the tone". I call alot of mobiles... its sad I know what they all sound like...!

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    Hadn't thought of that :rolleyes:
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    Good ideas people, keep them coming.

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    As has beenn said - it was possible to get it pretty much right before people coudl easily port their nubmers around - now its near impossible as someone on here has demonstrated by moving their number aorund a lot.

    The Orange thing does work tho because they have one logn ring followed by standard shorter ones.


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Updated: September 28, 2011
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