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hitting a parked car

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    if lets say you were to just slightly hit a parked car... and the owners are nowhere to be seen.. what do you do, do you just leave it or what
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    Dont leave it. If someone sees you doing it and then driving off they can report you for leaving the scene. If you have to, leave a note. I bet most people who cause damage to other peoples cars dont though

    Has this happened to you?

    A few years ago when my sister got married, we stayed at a big golf club. When we came out the next morning, someone had hit my dads car. Not just a little bit, the damage was awful. They'd hit it so hard that it had actually been shunted from where it had originally been parked. The whole boot was dented, cost my dad over £600 to repair. And the coward had just drove off and left it :rolleyes: Obviously the damage was more than a little bit but its the same principle.

    Theres an article here on how much these sort of incidents actually cost people:

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    if i had to leave then i would definitely leave a note, its not fair that they have to pay out for damage that they are not at fault for.
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    "do you drive off and leave it?"

    what ***** planet are you on?
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    It happened to me in the Corsa, I would have actually shot whoever did it. How can you even think of leaving the scene without saying anything!?
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    i can see why you would want to. but dont...have a conscience.

    (i dont think ive spelt that right but you know what i mean)
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    Happened to me in the uni car park. Someone scraped down the side of the car when it was parked - scraped along the length of the wheel arch. Its always a problem at uni as there are so many people who have only recently passed their test and are crap at parking. Whilst I know I havnt been driving long (and my parking isnt great), I would never just drive off if I damaged someone elses car. Chances are most cases you wouldnt get caught driving off, but if someone did see you, or if there is cctv, you would be in a worse postion having done it and driven off than just owning up in the first place. Not worth the risk in my opinon.

    Is this a hypothetical question or have you done it/had it done to you?
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    my brother accidentally dented someones car and left a note tucked under their windscreen wiper with his details and insurance company. ther wasnt much damage but it meant i could get sorted out easily for both parties
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    nah, I was just wondering as I suspect someone did this to my car and I was thinking wether or not its a usual occurance to come back to your car and see its dented or whatever and you have to deal with it yourself. its parked on a narrow street, but i guess theres nothing I can do now...
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    Luckily its never happened to me with my Mini Id go mad if it did

    However, I had a Punto last year as my previous car, was new. And people were forever bumping it, I had loads of dents in it. I went to Asda one morning (really early, car park was practically empty) and when I came out some person in a Clio next to me had dented the passenger door. It was obviously them as the paint was the same colour and the space was empty when I went in and Id only been 5 minutes. I left a *****y note under the wiper saying I know they'd dented the door and that I was going to report them :p: Never did though, couldnt be bothered with it
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    This happened to my dad, a car crashed into my dads car when it was parked. Luckily she knockled on a few doors until she found my dad. She was virtualy in tiers, admitted it was her fault. Amazingly she some how managed to hit every single panal causing about £800 of damage. Her insurance paid.
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    A friend of mine had had his car about three days when someone drove into the back of him at a roundabout. She just reversed and drove off.
    How nice of her.
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    Course I'd leave a note at least... unless they were driving an Audi... in which case they probably deserved it... or a Bentley, coz the insurance company wouldn't send any more christmas cards lol.

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    This is what happened to my car in January, the guy drove off but a witness saw him and got his details.

    He caused £2200 worth of damage, whoops!

    Just got my car back tho and it looks awesome
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    v lucky to find him
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    run!!! lol

    i guess you should leave a not on his car or something if he aint around
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    This happened to my dads trustly old Subaru MV pickup, some tosser drove into the back of it in B&Q car park, and we never did find out who it was. Needed a new tailgate!

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    I would definetly leave details and apologise, i wouldn't be able to just drive off and leave it, i'd be scared that i'd get found out and it'd be a lot worse then leaving your details and getting it sorted out, surely if you have insurance, there shouldn't be a problem in leaving details.
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    Yep, happened to me. Was driving down my road (is very long and windy) too fast considering it was raining. Parked cars all the way down one side, and then a bus came up the other side of the road. Slammed on the brakes and went straight into a brand new focus. I would never have just left it, so I knocked on the door of the house that it was nearest too, and spoke to the man whose car it was. He was lovely about it, and even apologised for parking there (which was ridiculous, he has every right to park on the road, and it was me driving too fast). Left all my details and stuff, I would have left a note if nobody was in. His car just had minor damage but mine was ruined (for the 2nd time that fortnight). Tbh, I would never have driven off in a million years. Firstly, considering I live in a very busy, residential area it would be stupid, cos chances are someone would have seen me. Second, and more importantly, its a matter of principal. I would go mad if someone did that to my car, its only fair to own up and take responsibility.
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    depends what the damage was....

    if you've written off a parked car it's hard to leave it but if it was just a small scratch id drive off....


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