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Its like deja vu, but its not, and i get nauseous?!

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    Ok so I get this thing every once in a while, say, once a month, but obv its not regular. Basically, im just doing a normal routine thing, like getting ready in the morning, or reading a book in the afternoon, and all of a sudden a weird feeling comes over me-like im experiencing deja-vu, which obviously in a sense is true since im doing a routine thing that i do almost everyday, but then I start getting dizzy, and feel all funny so that I kind of retch, and I get a tad disoriented.

    And so that lasts for like a few seconds, and afterwards I end up with a strange headache which kinda goes after like a coupla hours.

    What the heck is that all about? I eat and drink normally, it doesnt happen when im insanely hungry or drunk, so we can rule them out lol.
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    I get similar thing. I dont get headaches or anything but... Like I would be talking to someone, then some other peeps walk pass, or something happens, and I would think Im experiencing a deja-vu. Its pretty wierd, I get it like every 2 weeks or something lol. Pretty funny when I think about it after wards. But then i find anything funny
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    I get the same feeling sometimes, will have a flashback from a dream or something, don't get nauseous though
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    I think you just come over feeling faint due to low blood pressure/ being too hot etc.

    But I guess you could always have a mild case of Meniere's disease- though you dont really mention it affecting your hearing so probably not.

    If it's really bothering you go to your doctor!
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    It could possibly be panic attacks?

    The whole deja vu thing could be like a subconscious fear trigger, and then the sick feeling and dizzy is an anxiety attack.. could be wrong though. If it keeps happening go to the doctor. if it's anxiety they can help, if it's an ear thing they can help, if it's blood pressure they can check that too.
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    It might be a tumor.
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    Perhaps a dissociative episode? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dissoci...8psychology%29)

    Although this mainly comes in the form of a disorder to hide traumatic experiences, many people can also experience just episodes.
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    You might want to ask your doctor about this - it could also be a kind of petit-mal seisure, where you have a seizure without losing consciousness.
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    It certainly sounds like a partial seizure, but it also sounds like a lot of other conditions, ranging from hypoglycaemia to panic attacks. Even if you eat normally, low blood sugar could still be to blame (especially if there's an undiagnosed underlying condition, such as Type II diabetes). Either way, there's no point rushing to exotic diagnoses. Go to see your GP, and be as clear as you can about all your symptoms. He may refer you for further tests.
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    (Original post by britishseapower)
    I get the same feeling sometimes, will have a flashback from a dream or something, don't get nauseous though
    Jesus Christ. Exactly the same thing happens to me! I've never really shared it with anyone though in case they thought I was crazy or making it up.. Just totally randomly I'll feel really funny and I start to feel terrified, then all of these images come into my head - stuff I've dreamt about - and then it all disappears and suddenly I'm ok again. It's really frightening when it happens and it's incredibly hard to explain, but when it's over I wouldn't be able to tell you what I saw in my flashback- I can only tell you what I'm seeing if I say it whilst it's happening.

    Sometimes I write it down, but when I look back at the stuff I've written it never makes any sense. I just remember one time I wrote, " Joseph's amazing technicolour dream coat and orange". :confused: WTF?

    Anyway. Are you eposides anything like mine? PM me dude.
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    Yeah, I get it too =/
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    Good Lord, so many people telling you you might have Meniere's disease, or panic attacks or whatnot. You just sound over-tired. Try going to bed earlier.
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    I've had this all my life, it's usually triggered by lots of flashing lights, like if I walk into an arcade. Strangely enough it also happens when I look at silver foil while it's moving.

    When it happens, it feels like my brain has been 'reset', like I've just woken up or something. I've never known what it is because I've never felt the need to go to the doc's about it. But I've heard it could be mini-seizures like people are saying in this thread.

    (Original post by soup_dragon87)
    Good Lord, so many people telling you you might have Meniere's disease, or panic attacks or whatnot. You just sound over-tired. Try going to bed earlier.
    If it was tiredness, surely more people would experience similar symptoms?
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    Oh, by the way, it is apparently highly, HIGHLY unlikely it's Meniere's, because I've had loads of trouble with all this recently, and a friend's doctor father says that only people over 60 really EVER get it, not younger.

    And yeah, those symptoms CAN be caused by over tiredness... but all that flashing lights thing sounds a bit suspect. I suppose.. don't get over worried by our suggestions and talk to a doctor =]
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    Sounds like a partial seizure to me (also known as petit mal) - used to get it myself. Not saying it couldn't be something else but worth getting it checked out - it's likely it may be easy to control with some low level drugs if it is.

    Some people with epilepsy (about 5%) get it triggered by flashing lights - photosensitive epilepsy. It's entirely possible to feel the same without it being triggered by lights though.
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    Thanks for all the info guys-i probs will get it checked out, i just never bothered before cos it happens only occasionally and i never really thought it could be serious. Well its definitely not overtiredness cos I think I get waaay enough sleep lol. All this stuff that it "could be" though, sounds serious!
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    could jsut be a migraine
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    Yeah, maybe the bit before is an aura?
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    Deja vu has been linked with epilepsy with epileptics more prone to Deja vu, it's thought to be caused by a misfiring in the brain, in the same way epilepsy is; with something as complicated as the brain though, I wouldn't be surprised if all sorts of symptoms could be ascribed to a brain misfire. Doesn't sound anything major, especially if it's common enough for two or three people to experience it. It sounds like a mild form of epilepsy, as said if it becomes bothersome or is worrying you go to a Dr.

    definitely wierd though I got to admit.
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    Oh my god I've just come across this thread from Googling 'de ja vu feeling sick'... I've had this for years, random de ja vu feelings that make me feel dizzy, sick & like my head is being compressed... and I feel really nervous and worried for a while after... I've only mentioned it to a couple of people before who think it's weird & I thought it was too... I've just had it now & it's the first time it's made me physically throw up so I thought I'd check it out, glad to know it's not just me!!!

    Okay, I was glad it's not just me but reading up on it more & i'm terrified.. it's linked to things like epilepsy and brain tumours.. eek :/


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