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Edexcel Applied Business Studies Unit 8.

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    I have a 15 hour exam split up in 5, 3 hour sessions in about 3 days. I basically have to go in and type up, from memory except for some finance figures, a complete business plan which I have done as a coursework and is around 20 pages long. I'm allowed nothing else into the exam and I did make some notes on the full coursework (taking up only 2 pages surprisingly).
    Does anyone else have this exam soon or already done? Can someone give me some advice or suggestions on how to keep hand muscles alive for enough time?
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    I feel sorry for you. I do AQA Applied Business which is 2 exams (1 AS, 1 A2) and 4 pieces of coursework (2 AS, 2 A2).
    Looks like what you're doing is kind of half coursework, half exam lol

    Good luck!
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    Thanks. Actually it's similar; 4 courseworks, 1 exam and 1 exam coursework (which is the one I'm about to do).
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    Okay I started the coursework today and managed to do 11 pages in 3 hours; approximately 6000 words. I did have a muscle strain afterwards.
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    hi, i am really stuck on the investiagting a business coursework, can someone please help!
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    That one is Unit 2 right? I have done it. How can I help you?
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    Up-date. I've finally finished this coursework. Have 6 hours now to correct it and make changes.
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    Hey I'm doing that one too - but you know this already Mohit.

    alia, I've done that unit, what is it that I can help you with?
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    Yeah dans, I finished it today. Got to just print it off in the next and last 3 hour session I got. Found a few mistakes but didn't take me long to correct. How's yours coming on?
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    Cool thanks, yeh. Just got to work through the finance sections and I'm finished! Should be a breeze with only 5 hours to go!
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    I can imagine. And now the only Business Studies Exam we got to study for is Unit 1, which I think is quite easy.
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    i am doing the unit 8 applied business coursework at the moment, we are on the second type up session, the rules are nio internet i know, we had 15 minutes research and gathering time before the type up which i used then at 9.15 i opened the unit 8 template and started working at 9.30 Marie (teacher) cameover ordering me to get out, i had carelessly moved on from one document to another without crossing it off! an honest mistake which is now going to cost me two wasted years of my life and no qualifications because she has contacted Edexcel!....i hope nobody else ends up in this situation!! i was AB up to now but if she gets her way i will have nothing!


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