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Qualifications and requirements for commercial pilot career

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    Hello every1.

    I was wondering what the qualifications and requirements are to become a commercial airline pilot. I wanted to be a pilot ever since a child and still have the same desire.

    What GCSEs and A levels do i need? What courses would i have to take after secondary school and college? The internet was entirely useless this time so im relying on The Student Room to help me out.

    Please let me know of websites where i can find out more info for this career if you know any.
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    I'm pretty sure you have to have maths and physics A levels

    have a look on this website here!eipaL?state=showocc&idno=76&pa geno=3

    hope this will help you!
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    (Original post by x_emmzy_x)
    I'm pretty sure you have to have maths and physics A levels

    have a look on this website here!eipaL?state=showocc&idno=76&pa geno=3

    hope this will help you!

    Nah, it's basically discretionary, in that A-levels and GCSE's (inc. GCSE English and Maths) are a requirement, but what you take for your A-Levels is up to you. Certain choices may be preferable to an employer, but that's it.

    Beyond that, you could consider taking a few hours towards your PPL; a few hours is enough to show enthusiasm, but not enough to gain bad habits.

    Check EasyJet's careers website; that'll give you info on their recruitment process, which seems one of the better options. NetJets are another example; for that program, you pay in installments.

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    I do not know what to tell you about the specifics of a job as such, but I think one like that would be incredible. I am not ballsy enough; I'd have to be a flight attendant or something. This might give you some insight:
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    You can pick up a lot of bad habits getting your PPL. But possibly looking into joining the RAF cadets might be worth your time. You get free lessons toward your PPL, and there's alot of adventure/leadership training on offer, I'd reccomend it.

    Subject wise, ideally you want physics/mathematics, maybe IT. They all go hand-in-hand anyway.
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    No A-Levels are required, and in fact I know a lot of pilots who got only maybe C and B in science and maths GCSE- but as long as you pass aptitude tests well, then you'll be fine!
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    Don't worry about qualifications, just worry about scraping together £60,000 for your licenses or bond and then competing with military pilots for the jobs.

    Have a look at
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    I'm still holding out for BA to re-open their cadetship before i fork out £50k+
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    how did it go?? , im just asking on regards because i believe its great what ur doin n even 2 years later i write this , im trying to do this and want to see how did it go?
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    I don't know much. My friend had graduated with an engineering degree but his dream was to become a pilot. He was trying to get on a training course with BA plus taking flying lessons etc for many years but he would always miss out on a vacancy because military pilots were preferred.
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    Well I'm about to finish secondary school and have an interest in being a pilot so 4 years since your last post surely something has changed.


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Updated: January 15, 2014
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