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University of WESTMINSTER - anyone?

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    Im going to study at the University of Westminster, London, BA Contemporary Media Practice. I am really surprised that I can't find here any information about this uni... :confused:

    Im curious if anyone plans to study there?
    If yes, what course?

    Now I feel worried, if it was a good choice
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    ok, now I am really worried... so many people here and noone at Westminster? :confused:
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    I'm considering Westminster and I just came looking for info on it. Now I'm worried as well!
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    i thought this uni is good, it was 4th in media studies (wchi im interested in) last year in Guardian rankings...

    for me it is too late, cause i've chose Westminster for my firm.. so hm. ok. i hope it will be ok...

    and what course do you consider?
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    I was considering Creative Writing and English, though I've since decided to go for another uni.
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    I have an unconditional offer for Contemporary Media Practice at Westminster, but still wait for an answer from Goldsmith.

    I also thought that it has one of the best UK departments for media studies (maybe even second in place after Royal Holloway) and am really surprised now that their are so few post here about Westminster.

    Ain't there anybody around here who can tell something about it?


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    i have some friends that go to westminster .. so if you post your questions, i could go ask them....
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    Oh, somebody at least

    Well, if they told you anything about the university, its facilities, teachers, if they're still happy to be there etc., espececially if they're in a media related course...some opinions from wmin students would be cool!
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    heyy all,

    i am soo happy that eventually someone posted something here.
    i've chosen Westminster without relply from Goldsmiths and im holding the conditional offer - 30 points - International Baccalaureate (but if i want to receive the scholarship i have to gain 34 )

    ok, waiting for your decision - Polaroid
    and info from you - Crazy_Dee
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    I'm going Westminster to do 'Television Production' are you going to the Harrow Campus???

    Are you staying in their accomodation??

    I think they should put a Westminster Page in the London Unis page!!!!!! :mad: please :rolleyes:
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    i might go to westminster to do bsuiness information technology if i don't get accepted in city. wesminster is ok uni, its not that bad.

    wesminster == insurence choice
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    Well to help everyone out, here are some links regarding Westminster; I've managed to find out lots of research on this university - very impressed with the media/arts/fashion side of things and it's up and coming in all other departments also. You could look at some of the links and possibly Private Message some of the students who do attend Westminster or are thinking of doing so in the following threads:





    As for Media related stuff - you must have had a look at the Westminster journalism page:


    The video on the Westminster journalism site is very impressive I think:


    Westminster Fashion:


    View magazine:



    University of Westminster SU:


    Hope all this helps
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    i'm at the university of westminster, just finished my second year. I have to say i like it, uni's gone sooo fast. next year is my final year!! If anyone wants to know anything feel free to message me
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    Hey guys, I'm currently finishing my first year at the University of Westminster, I study Marketing Communications at the Harrow Campus, which is where many media courses are based.

    The university offers modern facilities for media students including tv and photographic studios and it's definitely my favourite campus because of it's unusual layout.

    So far I'm really enjoying it and the 4,000 computers and 24/7 libraries definitely help with preparing for exams!

    I hope this was of use! Good luck!
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    (Original post by paulina.m)

    Im going to study at the University of Westminster, London, BA Contemporary Media Practice. I am really surprised that I can't find here any information about this uni... :confused:

    Im curious if anyone plans to study there?
    If yes, what course?

    Now I feel worried, if it was a good choice
    Hi Paulina, I've applied to and accepted my offer for the same course, don't worry! you're not alone
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    I'm going to study animation at Westminster in September.
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    Im going to study BA photographic Arts in september 2012
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    I've been accepted on contemporary media practice at Westminster as well... Can't wait

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    If i get the scholarship, i will be studying English Language and Linguistics at Westminster. I really hope i get some financial aid because i really want to attend Westminster.
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    BA TV Production at Westminster starting this September!
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