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What things to say to make a girl feel special?

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    Whatever you say, make sure you actually mean it. Compliment small things like if shes had her hair done or wearing new clothes/shoes. But make sure it's true, no-one likes a liar.
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    Ideally you shouldnt really say things for the sake of it, its better if you mean them, but if you know she has insecurities, compliment those. For example if she dislikes her feet, tell her she has pretty feet
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    "The PIN number is 5274" usually does the trick, whilst handing over your debit card.

    N.B. Not my real PIN.
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    (Original post by DrNick2006)
    "The PIN number is 5274" usually does the trick, whilst handing over your debit card.

    N.B. Not my real PIN.
    Double bluff?
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    My boyfriend said to me earlier at work he saw a girl wearing the same top as I was wearing the day before and that she looked nowhere near as good as I did in it that made me feel pretty special.

    I think it's a compliment that's not supposed to be perceived as a compliment on face value that makes it special if that makes sense? Don't make it sound like it's strained and as if you're searching for ways to compliment her just for the sake of it.
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    (Original post by FireDeuce)
    Double bluff?
    Treble actually.

    Although this could be quadruple... but it's actually quintuple.
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    Incase you haven't noticed, I don't say nice things. And in fact its often a bit of a running joke with some of them that I don't. So when one slips out by mistake, its all the more special to her that I've said it. And it provides some good laughs trying to cover it up quickly.
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    The nicest compliments are unexpected and genuine.

    Don't try and steal phrases from other people... Instead, whenever you think something flattering or sweet about your girlfriend, just say it out loud. That's really all she's after.
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    Just say what you mean, dont lie, or else she'll know you just want rumpy-pumpy.

    Show appreciation about the things you like about her.
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    Text her after you've seen her that day...tell her you enjoyed whatever you did or simply that it was good to see her today
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    Randomly text her (and I mean randomly) and tell her I love her... and MEAN it.
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    (Original post by PhilMc)
    Randomly text her (and I mean randomly) and tell her I love her... and MEAN it.
    how can you MEAN it in a text message? :confused:
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    (Original post by Square)
    how can you MEAN it in a text message? :confused:
    So it's fallicious and meant without sincerity simply because I can't be there to tell her to her face?
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    (Original post by PhilMc)
    Randomly text her (and I mean randomly) and tell her I love her... and MEAN it.
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    (Original post by Banka)
    my gf complains i dont say nice things to her often.. so i was planning to make an effort now... so what nice things have girls herd from their bf's?
    and guys... wht nice things have u said to ur gf's?

    What things could i say to make her feel special?
    Dont know, you find out what makes girls feel special and then i can use it on a certain girl. lol :rolleyes:
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    Big expensive gifts are not the answer.

    try small things that spark a memory of you being together.

    hold her hand,

    ask all about her day, you dont have to say much, but she will appreciate you listening.

    surprise her with a flower.

    send her a random txt message saying how much she means to you.

    kiss her when she is least expecting it.

    fix her fringe so you can see her face better (even if she doesnt have one!),

    tell her she smells good if she has perfume on or hair syrum.

    come up behind her and hug her for no reason.

    when you meet up with her make sure you try to be in a good mood and smile.

    give her a cheeky pinch on her leg or bum when no one is looking.

    take her out for a picnic but dont tell her where you are going.

    take her to her fave store and tell her she can have anything she wants as a treat.

    organise a romantic meal, cooked by you

    tell her a joke (nothing rude) perhaps a little pathetic, every so often

    send her a bunch of flowers to be delivered to her school/workplace

    do something new together, eg swimming, going for a run

    before you kiss run your fingers through her hair

    tell her something she never knew aout you, like a strange habbit

    tickle her when she least expects it

    act silly for a day. make a pact to do something silly for the whole day to see who can last the longest

    wear an odd tshirt just to make her laugh

    i hope there is enough for you!!
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    Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep... wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you're just as pretty without makeup on. One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky his is to have you.... The one who turns to his friends and says, 'that's her.'”
    You don't have to say compliments to make her feel special, it's little actions like some of the above that can make a girl feel totally happy and loved up


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