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The 126th F.A. Cup Final - Chelsea v Manchester United Official Match Thread

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    Mad, PT? No!!!

    When I was smaller, whoever was at Wembley, Cup Final day was almost a religious festival in my house. Mum would do the shopping early, and the streets around where I live were almost deserted after midday. Everyone watched the Cup Final. When I finally saw Arsenal there, waking up that morning was like Christmas, and I was a wreck seeing all the Gooners walk up Wembley Way let alone when we won the thing!!! :p: The old Wembley was unique in that sense and I don't know what Saturday will be like even though I've been to both grounds old and new. Cup Final day is almost mystical, dare I say, and has an atmosphere all its own. On a sunny day the twin towers could almost blind you walking up to them, all white and gleaming - it's sounds silly really but it always got me extremely emotional.

    There's something indescribably special about Cup Final day which makes our league that bit more incredible too. I'd love to see Arsenal there again, sure, but this is English football's big day out and I always enjoy it one way or another.
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    :ditto: 100% agree

    Whoever was playing on the day, the FA cup final always seemed special. I remember me and my dad making sure everything was perfect before we'd watch the pre-match build up, which starts AGES before kick off...

    And it always seemed to be sunny on the day of the FA cup final, maybe just my deluded memory, but that's how I always remember it...

    Love the FA cup, always and forever
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    Well, I dont really like either team in the final, but I'll be rooting for Chelsea, simply because I dont want Man U winning the double and I want Liverpool's Rick Parry to eat his words about Chelsea only winning the League Cup.
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    A nice bit of nostalgia leading up to the Cup Final - The 1994 equivalent.
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    (Original post by Ronaldo VII)
    Ive got Radio 1 Big Weekend tickets for Saturday, and there are no pass outs so Ive got a decision to make
    The fact that you even have to think about it amazes me.

    Think it proves that fans get bored of success. I wouldn't miss Saints in a Cup Final for ****ing nothing, since it only happens every 30 years.
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    Be amazing to see a full Wembley for the first time and regardless of who wins it'll be special to see 45,000 fans celebrating the first ever FA Cup victory in the new stadium (but if it is Chelsea then it'll also be very nauseating to watch, as well!)
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    (Original post by SFC_FOREVER!)
    The fact that you even have to think about it amazes me.

    Think it proves that fans get bored of success. I wouldn't miss Saints in a Cup Final for ****ing nothing, since it only happens every 30 years.
    My decision is where I can watch it, not whether I will or not :rolleyes:
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    Good luck, Chelsea.
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    Nearly there now . . . though team news isn't perfect yet of course, any predictions?

    I have to be honest, and think the pitch will favour Chelsea if it's wet - Chelsea, 3-1.
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    United 2-0
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    I reckon it'll be 2-1 United (no extra time)... and as I said in the United Soc, mainly because of Essien at CB.
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    As much as people mention our defence, its in better condition than theirs. They have no right back, their left back is rated doubtful (and you dont want Ronaldo against you with one leg) and their best midfielder is centre back.
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    A team like Chelsea should really be able to deal with injuries, but no they rather whine about how they weren't able to spend in January rather than actually getting to grips with the problem. Like United have, we didn't have our first 4 defenders at one point and still managed to not fall as bad as Chelsea have.

    It will be really hard tomorrow, I think 2-1 to Manchester United.
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    Should Chelsea win on Saturday, it will be the 11th time a side that finished runners-up in the league have consoled themselves by lifting the FA Cup. Lose and they will become the 10th side to finish second in both competitions.
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    Hello my darlings.

    I'm listening to the Five Live coverage right now. Many a discussion point they raise. Including, no Manchester United player with headphones in their ears as they left the bus; Chelsea players, all musiced up.


    And Shawn Wright-Phillips has (apparently) confirmed to radio that he's starting!
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    i think chelsea will win since they probably have a deeper squad, and are fitter at this time and i think they want it more. many chelsea players will be playing for their futures, and even mourinho to an extent has doubt over his future. also i think chelsea have generally played much better against united in the mourinho era
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    The United team:

    van der Sar; Brown, Vidic, Ferdinand, Heinze; Fletcher, Carrick, Scholes; Ronaldo, Rooney, Giggs (c).

    The substitutes:
    Kuszczak, Evra, Smith, Solskjaer, O'Shea.
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    Chelsea are:

    Cech; Ferreira, Terry (c), Essien, Bridge; Makelele, Mikel, Lampard; Wright-Phillips, Drogba, J Cole.

    And the bench:
    Cudicini, A Cole, Robben, Kalou, Diarra.
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    Lesley Garrett did Abide With Me. And Prince William as President of the FA has brought the Cup "back to its rightful home".

    It's back
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    The stadium is fantastic, but the music being played in the ground is rubbish lol.
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