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Of Mice And Men Quotes?

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    got the english lit exam coming up and was wondering if anyone can get the key quotes from the book and there page numbers.
    i was told that if you remember the page numbers then its easy find the quotes quickly in the exam and if you know where most of the key quotes are its useful as most of the questions revolve arond the main quotes and points.

    read the page numbers before you go into the exam and as soon as you go in write them down on the table

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    www.teachit.co.uk >>> Resource Libraries >>> Key stage 4 >>> Prose >>> Of mice and men

    Theres a PDF on there called "Key Quotations" or somthing like that and has a page of key quotes, with explanations per character
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    u need a teacher's account to access that
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    I wrote down all of the key quotes when I did my English Lit GCSE exam last year. Just go through the book and find good ones for each character.
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    (Original post by & i'м so glaмoяous. ♥)
    u need a teacher's account to access that
    No, you don't i accessed it without an account, try the direct link:

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    Thanks mate. Loads of quotes from each character there and i like the way it tells you what each quote means.
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    (Original post by mikeman150)
    No, you don't i accessed it without an account, try the direct link:

    Thanks, that's really useful.
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    My Enlgish exam is also coming, it is on Tuesday, but that link didn't really help because i got a differnt edition i think, i got this one:

    if any one knows any pages of any good quotes for this book edition please help me

    thank you
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    whaaaat! you guys get the book in the exam?

    What a bummer, I have to memorize them all. Darned WJEC board.
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    yea we can take in the book, but it has to be blank, no notes must be written on it, but we can fold the conners of the pages but not many poeple know it lol, my enlgish teacher told me so
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    (Original post by lauralegend)
    whaaaat! you guys get the book in the exam?

    What a bummer, I have to memorize them all. Darned WJEC board.
    I know, same - so annoying!!!!!
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    You can fold the corners of the pages, really?
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    yea :P it doesn't count as cheating, but hardly any of our school pupils knows that, just me and my enlgish group lol
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    well apparently we are given a clean fresh book in the exam?
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    yea but we can take our own copy provided by the school, cus they lend it to us to read it during the weekend and then we take it in the exam, but they cant have any notes or nothing on it, the examniers dont check every single one of those books, but they might check a few during the exam to make sure the school are following the rules according to the exam board, and the will be re-used for the other years as well, so we cant really write in them.
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    Really?! we can fold the pages?

    Well this makes my life easier!
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    yea, so do you think you can help me, to find important quotes with the page numbers, from that book? :P
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    at least does any one know, what page Candy says " I ought to have shot my dog. George....." ?
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    hwo can you fold the pages when you get given a fresh copy in the exam? Also I can't remember the page numbers because our school is gonna give us different books to the one that I own.
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    no, you get given a copy before the exam, i got given a copy on thurday so i can read it until tuesday and fold the conners of the important pages, and i can take that copy into the exam, you get it now?


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