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Wobbly tooth?

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    The only thing would be to go to a dentist, they know what theyre doing with teeth better than anyone else does. Have you bashed/knocked it at any point?

    it may be gum recession thats causing the wobbly tooth thats where the gum shrinks back and there is loss of bone structure within it. you cant rebuild the gum or bone but you can get it to stop recessing by keeping it so clean , seeing a hygienist

    This is going to sound really random...
    I used to have a gap between my top front teeth...now they cross over slightly.
    Apparently I have a small jaw and large teeth and I am suffering from something dentists call middle-age drift where the teeth move forward in order to make space for the wisdom teeth. In the process my two front top teeth are wobbly. They've been like it for 15 odd years now and no other effects.
    Visit your dentist (if you're not a scerdy cat like me) and ask them.

    I'm probably a freak, but occasionally a couple of my teeth get wobbly for a few days then stop being wobbly. I've learnt not to panic now. And yes, you can make them wobbly by eating hard foods. Just how wobbly is it?

    yeah - this has happened to me. It just happens i think, after a few days your gums tighten up. My teeth usually feel 'loose' and my gums 'slack' when ive been on a bender or somthing and not cleaned my teeth properly for a day or somthing. A pack of Polo's usually surfice if its a weekend party or whatever. When cleaning your teeth clean the top of your gums and perhaps focus on the gums a bit more. Getting a build up of bacteria around the tops of your teeth where they meet your gums can make them a bit looser.

    Definitely get the dentist to have a look. Sometimes I think some of my teeth feel wobbly, but then the next day they seem fine so maybe it's just a teenage tooth thing?! Odd, but you should get it looked at to be on the safe side.

    (Original post by Sparkly*)
    I don't think I've knocked it or anything. Could it get wobby from eating hard foods? I know I must sound like a right idiot
    Mate, all teeth have a slight amount of 'wobble' to them. It is what stops them coming out when you eat toffee etc :p:.

    If you grab your front tooth, you will be able to move it with your fingers easily. It isn't going to fall out though, don't worry . Also know that things feel much bigger with your finger tips, especially when you cannot see what you are manipulating also. I used to worry about my teeth alot. Until I wobbled my front teeth whilst looking in the mirror. What felt like a terrible amount of movement, wasn't actually visible. I could still feel them moving, but you couldn't actually see it.

    It might be gum recession, but you would KNOW if you had a severe enough case to affect the bone structure of your jaw...because your teeth would be turning into rotten stumps, and would be noticeably longer.

    At the end of the day, even if it is wobbly for reasons other than the natural, teeth that are otherwise healthy don't just fall out, it takes years for your teeth to get to that stage .


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