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What's your dream university?

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    If there were no financial considerations and you could definiately get in.

    What's your dream uni?

    Mine is Yale - I'm actually going to apply for Law and History but I don't know whether I'm good enough.
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    Cambridge but without the massive workload but I don't have the grades to get in.
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    Cambridge, Durham or St Andrews, I think. I like my universities old and aesthetically pleasing...
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    A mixture of.. St Andrews traditions + sense of community + beach location, Edinburgh's course + nightlife, and the people of Aberdeen
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    My dream uni is actually my firm choice
    And its the university of Leicester.
    I cant even begin to describe how much I loved it both times I visited. Everything about it was amazing, and I just felt completely relaxed and at home there. There was nothing I could fault about it.

    Reputation, league tables and all that doesnt really mean anything to me which is why ive chosen a 'normal' uni rather than a high status one.
    To me uni is about going somewhere that you will feel happy not somewhere where you go just so you can say 'I go to Cambridge' or whatever.
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    If I said Manchester over Cambridge noone would believe me. But it's true, Manchester would be my dream uni. I love it here, the work's at the right level where I'm not struggling but neither am I cruising, the people and the place is great, and the atmosphere...damnit, I just love it here.
    Summer cannot be over quickly enough.
    Cambridge I think on reflection would be too much work for me and not enough fun. It may be a very pretty place, but I like the feel of Manchester so much more.
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    Oxford or Princeton.
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    MIT or UC Berkeley.
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    Magdalen College, Oxford. Not highly original, but I felt at home in Oxford....like it was the place I was meant to be. Although obviously it wasn't!
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    Trinity College Dublin!!!!

    I don't know why I didn't apply as its the most beautiful place in the world ever!
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    Well I really like Warwick, to be honest - their English & CW course looks pretty amazing, too. However, I love Sheffield's location and music scene.

    Although my dream college would probably be in America or Canada, really - so Reed College, Portland, or McGill University, Montreal. I would LOVE to go to Montreal, really.
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    In the UK my favourite university would be Oxford.
    In the US any of the HYPS would do me quite well
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    My dream school before was Princeton but I did not apply because I though I would never get it anyway. Surprisingly, I got into some top ivies (columbia, UPenn and Dartmouth) plus some top private schools such Duke,Amherst and Johns Hopkins. The biggest surprises I got that were related to applying to schools were: 1. I got into Stanford (which I never expected) and 2. I was rejected at UC Berkeley. I went to Stanford since it was the clear best school among the schools where I got in, and I never fancy going to big public schools in the US anyway.

    In the UK my dream schools were/are: Cambridge, St Andrews and Warwick.
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    St Andrews, Durham, Dublin and - this is gonna sound odd - St John's College in the States. I LOVE their idea of teaching through classics....:cool:
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    The one I'm at, but with more government funding.

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    Royal Northern College of Music. I'm just not good enough for it!
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    In the UK, Bristol. But I'd quite like to go somewhere like Princeton in the US.
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    Probably Durham... which is good, since I'm here
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    hmm.... it would really be cambridge more than oxford , because ive seen one of my maths teacher she went to oxford and hell i never wanna turn out like her . too posh to be like that all the time .
    however although its my dream uni , i think ill prfer going to the one im applying for . much closer thats why hehe.
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    LSE, Yale, or Oxford. Though, I'm going to have to visit Oxford before I make a final call and we'll see how much I enjoy the first after a year of slogging through an MSc there. :p:


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