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First year nursing accomodation

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    iv just been told that because im doing nursing im not entitled to university accomodation and that the nurses accomodation is usually given to women me being male am a bit stuck what should i do? what do male student nurses in chester do? any help appreciated thanx
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    Who told you?

    I'd ring the uni and see.
    Number on
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    (Original post by pjb007)
    Who told you?

    I'd ring the uni and see.
    Number on

    It was the university that told me
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    What dept of the uni,

    nursing or accommodation etc.

    If you have not yet spoken to accommodation give them a call, see what normally happens in this case.

    Failing that speak to the nursing dept and see what they suggest.
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    Hello as you going to chester university and are searching for student accomodation this may be helpfull - Also one of the girls who is in this house is going to be a second year nurse so that would be helpfull to you- plus she's really nice and outgoing.

    House share with 5 friendly, outgoing people
    Has living room, large kitchen, back garden, 2 bathrooms.
    Victora road - not too far away from the uni and town centre

    £360 per calender month- all bills included plus internet.

    No deposit required
    Start date- 1st of august 2008

    If your interested please send me a message and il give you the landlady's number to contact.



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Updated: June 24, 2008
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